The Day I Wore: A White Jumpsuit


Any mom knows how impossible it is to wear all-white and stay clean the entire day. I am so proud, I was able to do it–but wait, it was only because Tristan was not with me (haha)! Today’s outfit of the day is from a #TrendingWithKelly shoot at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar where I managed to stay impeccably clean even though it was super windy that day. The jumpsuit is from Details Clothing, which I wore with earrings from Mango and sandals from Kaanas (purchased online via Shopbop). I have to tell you though, this outfit did not stay white for long. As soon as Tristan saw me he wiped his chocolate-y fingers all over me (winner)! Oh, the perks of motherhood! Happy Monday!

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