3 things to look for in your Holiday Ham

As much as I would like to stick to my Ketogenic Diet this holiday season, I’ve decided to take a mini break so my family and I can enjoy this Christmas tradition without much restrictions. It’s funny how I planned to stick to it in the beginning of the season (I’m surprised at how I’ve managed to control myself at some of the earlier get-togethers) but ultimately decided to just relax and indulge for Christmas since I didn’t want to miss out on any of my old favorite dishes.

One dish that feels like Christmas is Holiday Ham! I don’t think we have ever spent a Christmas without it, as my mom always made it a point to have it at home. I have so many fond memories of my family eating it together with hot pandesal and queso de bola during Noche Buena, and even during Christmas morning after opening our gifts. It is part of my core Christmas memories, and the sight and taste of it gives me that warm comforting feeling that I always get during the holidays. My Baby Barangay girls and I share the same sentiment, which is why we’ve decided to find the best-tasting and most authentic Christmas ham as we want our kids to experience the same joys we had growing up.

After a lot of ham tasting, we came to the conclusion that CDO Premium Holiday Ham is the best! We couldn’t stop raving about its Premium Boneless Hind Leg and its yummy salty-sweet flavors. We tried it in many different ways: cooked with a little sugar and pineapple jam, paired with cheese and pan de sal, as a flavorful addition to fried rice, omelet and pasta, and just eaten on its own. It was exceptional no matter how it was prepared, and it tastes as good as it looks! After much discussion, we’ve come up with three reasons why we think CDO Premium Holiday Ham is the absolute best holiday ham for us.

1.) It is made from whole boneless meat from the hind leg.

You see the difference with its weight and when you slice the ham. You will see that the meat is whole, and how good the marbling of the meat looks. I mean, just looking at the photos I took makes me salivate and crave for it. This ham is excellent!

2.) It has net marks.

One thing I didn’t know about ham prior to our search for the best holiday ham is that net marks mean that the ham was made from whole meat. Only whole meat can be smoked in ham nets, so this is the true test that the ham is real (and not just put together slabs of meat like other brands).

3.) It has absolutely no extenders.

I was honestly shocked that other ham brands are made with extenders, like fibers, flours and starches. I mean, how is that possible? What you want is value for money, and you get that with honest to goodness, real ham that’s made from whole meat from the hind leg.

We’re feeling the holiday season with our CDO Premium Holiday Ham! It will definitely be the star of our Noche Buena tonight.

Merry Christmas! 

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