5 Christmas gift ideas your family and friends will love

No doubt, with Christmas just around the corner the lot of us are in a state of mad panic trying to quickly complete our lists, making sure we have everyone covered. It doesn’t help that malls are super busy, there seems to be traffic all-day (and night) and our schedules are filling up leaving us little time to do our shopping. It can be stressful, especially when you have no clue what to give your family and friends this year. Which is why I am dedicating this blog post to you, because I know how difficult it is to come up with last-minute gifts while making sure to stay within your budget (of course, we have to find a way to extend our Christmas bonuses so we cant just splurge on just any items). So here are five gift ideas that your loved ones will surely appreciate but wont break the bank.

1.) Travel kits.

Thanks to affordable travel packages and the crazy need to post amazing content in social media (guilty person right here), it seems more and more people are putting their money into traveling and creating wonderful memories. For a family member or buddy who loves to travel, why not get a luxurious eye mask? These have a wide range of options depending on your budget that can go from cute and funny to seriously soft, plush and relaxing. Plus, they can totally use this at home when they have their afternoon nap (I know, who has the time to nap, but you’ll never know). Another travel gift idea? A comfortable neck pillow! These are always super useful in the airplane (especially on a long haul flight), and also for the car. We keep 2-3 neck pillows in our car for times when we are stuck in traffic and want to catch up on sleep (as long as you’re not the one driving haha). Other ideas: travel size toiletries of their favorite brand, packing cubes, gadget travel pouches, an external battery, and a travel wallet.

2.) Keepsake items.

For a longtime friend or family member, a great gift would be a framed photo for their home. You can print out a happy photo of you together, an old family portrait or barkada photo, or a great photo of yourself (just kidding). Seriously, I love receiving heartfelt gifts like this–I have a lot of framed photos all around my home and it makes me happy to remember happy moments and people. If you have time (and are into scrapbooking), you can create an album or you can turn your digital photos into a book (there are small businesses in Facebook and Instagram who can do this for you). Or you can also gift a diary, a beautiful notebook or a gorgeous box to put photographs and other memories inside.

3.) All-natural beauty products.

Since my family made a conscious effort to go all-natural this year we try our best to choose more organic and all-natural food and bath products. The less preservatives and chemicals in it, the better. And we have felt a world of difference since we made the switch–we feel happier, more positive and most importantly, healthier because of it. We try to spread the good word and at least try to introduce this lifestyle to our loved ones, and so far it has been pretty good. Gifting Tristan’s baby buddies and even older kids and mommas with our favorite products has proven to be quite useful as these are made without all the harmful chemicals that can be found in our shampoos, conditioners and soaps but are still so effective for the whole family. I think these make great gifts for just about anyone, most especially for those who have kiddos.

4.) Healthy food.

We all get the typical cookies, cakes, brownies and sweet, sugary treats during the holidays. It is an easy gift to give, especially for families and friends you haven’t seen in awhile. For a change, why not give other healthy alternatives? Like a bottle of Virgin Coconut Oil (or MCT oil if you have the budget), almond or coconut flour, a basket of organic vegetables, an assortment of cheese, or maybe a pot of herbs for the kitchen? These are much healthier than your sugary go-to food (which we tend to consume way too much of during the holidays), and sometimes even cheaper!

5.) Home entertaining pieces. 

I love useful things for the home, especially pretty ones for entertaining. Things like a cheese platter set, handpainted plates, a set of wine glasses, a colorful painted pitcher, or place mats and coasters are always great gifts. Just make sure the design you choose suits the personality of the person you’re giving it to! If you’re not sure about what design to choose, stick to basics and neutrals.

There you go! Gift ideas for the Christmas season. I hope I was able to help you complete you shopping list. Merry Christmas!!!

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