The Day I Wore: a starfish print tunic


This was an incredible day! I flew a plane in Camiguin (this was my second time–the first time was in KL), but this time it was an aerobatic plane. This meant the aircraft had the capacity to flip and do somersault dives in the air without any problems, and yes, that was what our crazy pilot did (hello, Captain Sean) when he made me take a break from flying. I honestly thought I could handle it but it hit me when we landed–I was dizzy and a little nauseous after from all the flipping. Not as bad as you would think though–I just needed a little nap to recover, and I was back to work after a few hours.

Still, it was a memorable day. I wore this Antica Sartoria starfish print tunic (which I was saving for the beach, but ended up using it for flying), which I bought from Where Two Find Me (, and paired it with white shorts from Guess, and gold sandals from Teele (IG handle: @_teelle). My accessories are all from Hey Jow! (@heyjow).

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