A sneak peek at Gingersnaps’s holiday collection

This was definitely one of the cutest shopping parties I’ve attended this year, and funnily, they didn’t even carry my size! One of my favorite baby clothing brands, Gingersnaps, recently launched their holiday collection and I couldn’t help but swoon over it. There were just so many gorgeous designs, both for babies and toddlers, as well as little boys and girls. Their clothes seem to call out to the beach person in me, because these always have a tropical, resort feel. It is never stuffy or over-the-top, too, which I love. Tristan practically lives in their statement t-shirts because they are super soft and cool to the skin. And the only time I ever feel like I want a baby girl is when I visit their store! Their tops, dresses, little skirts and shorts are just too adorable. If only I could shop here for my wardrobe, I would! Gingersnaps is really so stylish and cool without trying.

So, my bestie Bianca Santiago-Reinoso and I headed over to Gingersnaps’s Shangri-la branch to check out the collection and we ended up spending hours there shopping for our little ones. Banks is so lucky, she gets to dress up Liana (my inaanak)! She came home with more than a few dresses, which Liana wore right away (of course, I stalk them). What a treat this was! I think these make the perfect gifts for your kids, little brother/sister, cousins, nephews/nieces, god children, etc. I haven’t met a kid who didn’t like wearing Gingersnaps–they are just so comfortable and well-made. Scroll down to see their latest holiday collection.


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