5 family-friendly things to do in Uptown Mall at Fort Bonifacio

It’s funny how motherhood changes you completely. What used to be constant late night dinners (and even later cocktails) with my girlfriends have turned into countless afternoons of wholesome fun with the kiddos. And who knew I would enjoy playdates with the kids even more?! I did not see that coming. One thing that hasn’t changed though is the friendship–these girls and I have been there for each other through college papers and terror teachers, old boyfriends, birthdays, anniversaries, pregnancies and births. I am #blessed to have them in my life, and I can only hope that our kids would be as close as we are.

So, my girls Bianca Santiago-Reinoso, Nicole Hernandez-de los Angeles and I were back in our favorite Uptown Mall at Fort Bonifacio.¬†We always find ourselves in this particular mall because apart from being complete, our kids love it here. We usually let them run loose (especially in the toy stores) while we mommas catch up on life. But what I think sets this mall apart from all the other ones is the fact that it is really dedicated to families. There are so many stores that cater to moms and dads, babies, kids and like I said, families; and you wont find them in any other mall. Let me share with you the #BabyBarangay‘s top 5 favorite¬†family-friendly establishments in Uptown Mall, BGC.

1.) Flatiron 1771.

No doubt, one of my favorite restaurants to frequent here in Uptown Mall, Flatiron 1771 strikes a balance between modern cool interiors and a cozy New York diner (so Instagram-worthy). But the best part about this establishment is, of course, its food! Under the helm of Executive Chef Vicky Pacheco, the resto offers comfort food done right, with crowd favorites like the BLT Salad (you cant go wrong with crispy bacon, lettuce and tomato served with Italian dressing and parmesan shavings), Spaghettini Carbonara (bacon, egg, cream and lots of parmesan cheese), Giant Gambas (prawns cooked in paprika garlic oil), Miso-Glazed Salmon (broiled salmon with Japanese miso glaze), Chicken Piccata (breaded chicken breast fried in butter and tossed in lemon butter sauce), the Flatiron Steak (300-gram U.S. Choice steak cute from beef top blade) and Salbacho Pizza (thin crust pizza with salami, bacon, chorizo, plum tomatoes, basil and parmesan). It was indeed an incredibly satisfying meal (all diets were thrown out the window unfortunately) made more fun with unlimited kwentuhan. The three boys: Luis, Juano and Tristan ate so much!

2.) Punto Blanco

A store solely dedicated to socks, underwear and homewear? I am so there! For as long as I can remember I’ve always made it a point to invest in high-quality socks, underwear and lounge wear because these are the articles of clothing we wear every single day. And the reason why it needs to be comfortable is because we wear it for long periods of time, and over and over again unlike our going out or work clothes, which we circulate. I recently discovered this Spanish brand when I was window-shopping in Uptown, and all I can say is wow. As soon I tried on their basic t-shirts, bras and swimwear (yes they carry these too), I was sold. The fabric felt super soft to the touch, not only that–it was breathable and stretchy too, so I could move freely. And they have something for every member of the family. For Carlos they have super soft t-shirts, boxer shorts and underwear, and for Tristan cotton t-shirts and swimming trunks! The girls and I loved shopping here.

3.) Chicco

Still one of the most trusted brands in all things baby, the girls and I had to make a stop at Chicco when our toddlers began pointing at the store. Apart from the comfy-cool apparel they have for both little boys and girls, they also have footwear, cribs, strollers, changing tables, feeding chairs, walkers, toys, and many more. It is a one-stop-shop for all things baby-related, and no joke, every time we leave the store we end up carrying a Chicco shopping bag. This time it was toys for the kiddos. Each one had their own pick of trucks, cars, trains and building blocks, which they would not let go. Personally, I love these educational toys. They are well-made, super durable and they spark imagination. Happy to have made a stop here, good job, boys!

4.) Gelare

So of course, after all that shopping the kids wanted ice cream! We headed to Gelare, which we love because they serve all-natural ice cream in so many yummy flavors. The ice cream is prepared using real milk and cream, with real flavor and no artificial ingredients. I went for my favorite strawberry, and Tristan got chocolate! This was perfect because we didn’t have dessert in Flatiron 1771, and the kiddos needed a little perk-me-up. This Aussie brand of ice cream did the trick! Oh, and if you’re in the area, you have to try their Ice Cream and Waffles! It is pretty amazing!

5.) Little Lamb’s Kiddie Spa, Salon and Barbershop

After a long day of eating, shopping and even more eating, we mommies wanted to treat our babies to a relaxing massage and haircut. So, of course, we went to Little Lamb’s, which is a one of a kind spa, salon and barbershop for babies and kids. I mean, how cool is that? There is a place for children to get pampered, and this is it. A little backstory: Little Lamb’s Kids Spa was founded in 2006 by pediatrician and infant massage USA-certifed Dr. Roselyne Marie M. Balata and her husband, entrepreneur guru Dr. Carl Balita. With its team of midwives, nurses, certified therapists, and internationally-experienced staff, this kiddie spa has consistently maintained its quality serviced and has collected a number of international awards over the years. Our boys left happy and pampered! Even I couldn’t resist–I got a blow-dry too, and it looked great.

We all had an amazing time! We will surely be back again, Uptown Mall BGC!

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