WATCH: What happened when I tried out the Mattress Gallery at BLIMS

As you know, we recently got a new bed from Blims (I wrote about it HERE). We got a Uratex Cozy Latex California King-Size Mattress Bed Set, and it is the most comfortable bed we’ve ever owned. It took us a long time to finally decide to buy a bed as we were convinced we could continue co-sleeping with our toddler in a queen-size mattress. Until one day Carlos and I decided we needed an upgrade and so we began our search to find the right bed for our little family.

Naturally, we headed to Blims Fine Furniture, as I heard that they had recently opened a Mattress Gallery that allows you to try out their beds and even take a quick nap to see if it is really for you. I was initially surprised to find out we had they had this kind of service, but I was quick to try it because the room itself was so conducive to sleeping (the air conditioner was blasting and it had dim, relaxing lights). Watch how I chose our bed–click PLAY and leave a comment below.

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