WATCH: Like-minded moms (myself included) talk about why they love Cradle Natural

As an endorser for Cradle Baby Bottle and Nipple Cleanser for two years now, I’ve happily spent a lot of my time and efforts to share this wonder product to fellow moms. It has been a god-sent product for me during my harrowing first few months of getting used to motherhood as it is the best cleanser to use to remove filmy breastmilk residue. And I haven’t stopped using it since! I still use it to this day to clean Tristan’s feeding bowls, plates and utensils and I love that it doubles as an effective vegetable wash as it is completely edible.

Click PLAY on this video to see why moms love Cradle Natural, and let me know if you’ve tried it yourself! I’d love to read your experiences with this amazing product.

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