What I loved from Tod’s S/S 2018 collection

They’re here! Tod’s recently presented their Spring Summer 2018 accessories at their Greenbelt 5 store and they were all kinds of amazing. From structured bags to fringed loafers, plenty of studs, backpacks and mini bags, every piece was covetable and is so worth the investment. I absolutely love that small bags have been in style for a few seasons now because they make the cutest accessories and they don’t break your back like big totes and purses do. I usually wear my mini purses when I am with my son, Tristan, as I can sling it around my body or wear it as a backpack and immediately I’m hands-free and toddler-ready. As for loafers and sandals, well, these are basically my everyday uniform. I can no longer stand wearing heels all-day, as I am all about comfort and practicality. So you can imagine how happy I was to see my mommy requirements made perfectly stylish by Tod’s.

I still haven’t decided what to get (they are all so pretty), but I’ve been seriously thinking about that tan leather backpack that converts into a tote. It is just the right size to carry my essentials, and I loooove the studs! Another option are those fringed loafers!!! I might have to choose where to wear it though–I wouldn’t want it get dirty haha. Oh, Tod’s why does your collection have to be so beautiful?!

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