How this brand celebrated its many milestones–by giving back

There were plenty of reasons to celebrate that day–Marie France, the leading network of slimming centers across Asia had just turned 32; it had opened its newest center in Greenhills, San Juan; and had launched a program to support the rebuilding projects of Bangon Marawi. As you know, I’ve been going to Marie France for two years now (I began my sessions with them a little after Tristan was born), and I’ve never been happier (or slimmer).

A little backgrounder on Marie France, in case you didn’t know what they are about. The company was established in Switzerland, and eventually they opened their doors to the Philippines in 1985, and quickly became the leader in non-invasive slimming solutions in the country. Its scientifically advanced technology and its team of medical doctors, figure consultants and nutritionists have given countless women the body they want without pain, endless dieting, hunger, pills or resorting to surgery. All their treatments do not require surgery or drastic measures, and their results are effective and long-lasting.

They were the first to introduce body wrap technology in the Philippines. This breakthrough technology induces heat loss in your body through thermogenesis, making it generate heat energy via calorie-burning enzymes. Unwanted fat thereby ‘burns itself off.’ The Fat Mobilization System (FMS) burns as much as 1,000 to 2,000 of your calories as you comfortably lie down. It continues to burn your calories for up to 48 hours.

Amazing, right?

That’s why Marie France has lasted for more than 30 years, because of the many success stories behind the brand.


But what I love about Marie France is they always give back. This time they’ve made efforts to support the Maranao’s weaving industry so it can help rebuild war-torn Marawi City and bring hope to its residents. For the Maranaos, a malong is not just a piece of garment, but a representation of their traditions and an essential part of their everyday lives. They have so many uses for it: as a skirt, a sunshade, a blanket, a shopper’s bag, a baby carrier, and many more. It is the one cloth that binds them as one people, one tribe and one community, especially in times of crisis. Marie France extends their help and raises awareness by giving their clients a free malong for every treatment package in the newly opened Greenhills center.

Marie France’s endorsers and brand ambassadors all made an effort to support this campaign and help spread the word. It was so nice to see my friends from the industry and be able to bond over cupcakes and champagne (though, okay, I really helped myself to the roast beef and veggies from the salad station–still keto). Happy 32nd birthday, Marie France and congratulations on opening your new Greenhills center!

Call 894-BODY or contact them via mobile at 0917-5262573 to book a free consultation at Marie France.

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