How to differentiate your drinking water, and how it affects your health

There was a time when I used to think all water was created equal. My thinking was: for as long as it came in a bottle, then it must be safe to drink. It wasn’t until I got pregnant that I became aware of the different kinds of drinking water available to us, and how it can affect our bodies differently. That’s when I realized how little I knew about water, which is kind of funny because it’s something we drink everyday and we basically need it to survive. I guess my mommy instincts kicked in, because as I did my research I discovered how we can benefit from drinking the right kind of water for our needs.

So, apparently, there are many kinds of water available to us and these go through different processes to make them drinkable. The most common ones are: distilled, purified and filtered water. All are considered safe to drink, but can affect our bodies differently. It all comes down to the process the water went through to reach purification. For instance, distilled water goes through a process where the water is boiled out of its contaminants until it turns into steam, then is captured and cooled to become distilled water. This ensures the water is free from contaminants that might potentially be harmful to our bodies. Comparing it to purified and filtered water, well, these go through filtration (though purified water is of significantly higher purity than other kinds of water, including filtered) that reduces water impurities to extremely low levels.

Being a mom, I really just want the best for my family so of course, I choose the purest, most absolute kind of water out there, which is free from impurities. The last thing I want is for my family to get sick, and I’ve heard too many horror stories about drinking contaminated water. I myself have gone through a horrible ordeal that came from drinking from an unprotected water source, and I really learned my lesson to never risk it. I was abroad in a rather undeveloped area and I drank the tap water that was served to me. I didn’t think much of it, as I thought their water must be safe to drink. But in a matter of hours I deteriorated until I could no longer stand or sit up. I was throwing up and going to the bathroom every 10 minutes and it was the most exhausting thing, ever. This lasted for more than 48 hours and I was almost not allowed to board the plane because I was simply too sick to fly. But it was a work thing so I had to soldier on and pretend I was ok (also I didn’t want to get left behind sick and all alone). As soon as I got home, my doctor prescribed medicine to kill the bacteria and for me to drink distilled water to flush out all the bad stuff. I cant never forget that experience, so I am super vigilant that it doesn’t happen to my family, especially my son Tristan.

Looking back, it was really so clueless of me to think that it was okay to drink tap water from an unknown source. I would never risk that again, so as much as possible I deliberately choose the purest drinking water I can find.┬áIn my search for the best, I’ve learned that Absolute Distilled Water offers that extra safe quality that will keep my family safe from contaminants and impurities. They are actually NSF certified for Global Standard for Water Sanitation, so I can be assured of its safety. Like any mom this is all good news to me, and I am happy to stick to a brand I can trust.

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