How I keep Tristan dungis-free at all times

From a tiny helpless baby to a playful, inquisitive and active toddler–surely A LOT has changed in a matter of two years. Tristan is a little boy now, and everyday he is learning more and more about the world through us, his parents. I love that just when we’re about to get used to life with a baby, our baby grows up and we’re presented with a whole new set of challenges. I guess that’s just the way life is, and being parents means never having to relax and be complacent. Having a toddler is a different kind of exhausting, as our little guy loves to run (and fall), hide, tease, jump and play, which means we are no longer in the sleepless nights and constant feeding stage, but at the keeping up with this little person’s high energy stage. I guess this is level two haha! It is every bit of fun though, as so many core memories are created by our playtime.

As fun as it is to get down and dirty, well, my mommy instincts kick in when it comes to all things dirty. I would love to have Tristan play in the park all day without having to worry about germs and dirt, but I cant seem to turn off my worry button. It stems from experience, of course, as Carlos and I have had to take care of our little guy when he was sick and each time we swore we would try our best for it never to happen again. That’s why we constantly wash our hands (and Tristan’s), and use hand sanitizer and baby wipes whenever we can. The last one we especially cannot live without. We always have Belo Baby Baby Wipes in Tristan’s diaper bag (as well as one in my bag and in our car), and it has saved us from countless gooey, sticky, messy, muddy and dirty situations. It keeps our baby dungis-free at all times, which explains why our toddler always looks clean and bango in my Instagram photos and stories.

What do I love about Belo Baby Baby Wipes? Well, it contains 50 ultra-gentle wipes and contains no harmful chemicals. This means no parabens, no alcohol, no fragrance, no chlorine, and no petrochemicals. And what’s special about it is it’s enriched with organic chamomile extract, organic aloe vera and Vitamin E, which is super good for keeping baby’s skin clean and moisturized. Apart from that, it is hypoallergenic, pH balanced, and mild enough to clean baby’s face, hands, and bum. I’ve trusted Belo Baby with Tristan from the start and I am so happy they’ve made this new addition to the brand. The price is so good too, mommas listen up: it is only P69.75! So affordable for something so premium.

If you haven’t tried it yet, I suggest you do. You cant miss it–it has Scarlet Snow’s face right on the product! This is definitely #BabyGoals for me and my family.

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