This super momma shows us how to plan a SPA-rty in two days

For this post, my bestie Bianca Santiago-Reinoso shares her tips on how to plan a party for your little girl in a short amount of time (two days). She is such an amazing momma, and really is my life peg when it comes to these things. 


February will always be one of my favorite months. The weather seems to be perfect during this time. Mornings have that cool breeze and the evenings are almost always ideal for an outdoor dinner with the fam at my parent’s house. It is also when everyone gets a little extra mushy as we celebrate Valentine’s Day. For us, it’s a little more special because our baby girl was born on February 19. I still can’t believe my darling is already 5. How time flies!

When I asked her for her birthday wish, she said she wanted to eat out with the family, blow her cake with her classmates, and play with her friends. I cried and couldn’t help but hug her. She could’ve asked for more, like push for that Disneyland trip we originally planned. We did that last year and we made so many happy memories. Schedules and my current condition, currently managing my TMD, barred us from leaving on her birthday month and for a 5 year old to understand, I cannot help but feel blessed. Liana is really an amazing child. So I knew I had to make this one special.

Her birthday this year landed on exam week and that meant she couldn’t have her little party in school and so I reminded her of the “spa-rty” that she’s been wanting to do with her girlfriends. Her eyes lit up and yup, I had to pull that off in less than 2 days – because this mom likes to cram a lot! Haha! Normally, the dad would just say yes to everything and go with the flow, but this time even Raoul was on it. He was more excited than all of us! So off we went to look for a nail salon that can host a last minute party and thankfully, we found a cute one that gave us the whole space. I invited her close friends and almost all of them went. Liana and her friends had an amazing time and as a mom, that meant the world to me. I know all moms would feel the same way and agree that nothing in this world can trump that feeling when you see them having the time of their lives. Their happiness is my mission and also, of course, their safety.

We ordered cupcakes, spaghetti, and chicken but of course, Liana and her girlfriends were way too excited to start their mani-pedi sesh! Too cute!

Even though it was a girly party, Liana’s little brother, Juano Enjoyed too! His version of a foot spa was an unli-soak while eating his fave chicken lollipop! Haha! I’m very lucky to have babies who love each other!

With the fun comes mom’s responsibility of making sure that they are safe. I always have my aids for when the unexpected moments like a scratch, catching a cold or developing fever happens. For wounds, I have a pain relief spray for kids, which I got in the States. I use that to disinfect and use it with Arnica gel as it heals the bumps effectively. For fever, my go to is Calpol. It is very efficient for my kids.

That spa-rty was actually a kick off to Liana’s birthday weekend! We went to the mall, to the park to play and watch dad play basketball, and met up with the rest of the family. And even if we originally wanted a family trip, this turned out to be one for the books. Once again, core memories made and our happy and love tanks, filled up.

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