The newest collection of Jo Malone smells a lot like dessert, and I’m not complaining

Sunlight skipping across golden fields. 

Plentiful. Rich with precious grains.

A warm and wholesome celebration. 

Poppies dancing in the wind. Alive with color.

The essence of the English landscape

in five captivating scents. 

Each one sophisticated in its simplicity, 

designed for Fragrance Combining.

Jo Malone’s newest collection is warm, comforting and sweet. It is a little unexpected of the brand (maybe because it reminds me of food), but somehow it seems perfect for the season as it is wearable and romantic, bright and fresh. The Baby Barangay was invited to an amazing brunch to launch English Fields, a harvest of five limited-edition fragrances, and naturally the girls and I made time for it because of course, it was for Jo Malone.

I think any one of these five fragrances from Jo Malone can be great additions to anyone’s perfume collection. It offers a range of sweet-smelling scents that are reminiscent of fruits and grains; vanilla, corn and rye; honey, lavender and almond milk; and wheat, grapefruit and meadow. To be honest, I never imagined these scents as fragrances before, but after I sampled them I couldn’t imagine not wearing them. Each one smells familiar in its own way, even if I’ve never been to the English countryside. It is also so fresh, soft and irresistible, especially when layered on top of each other.

Layering scents is a new concept I’ve been trying out, thanks to Jo Malone. And these five colognes offer the most amazing combinations, you would seriously want to mix and match them all.

Okay, so let me describe the fragrances for you, so you have an idea of what I mean.


Rich red poppies. Fruity with blackcurrant. 

Cocooned by barley and bran. 

Softened with powdery notes of white musk.


Primroses warmed by golden corn.

Brightened with mimosa on 

an addictive base of rye and vanilla.


Wholesome oats. Warm and delicious. Enlivened 

by vivid blue cornflowers and a hint of hazelnut. 

Complemented by an elegant vetiver base.


Mouth-watering honey. Blended with the bright 

bloom of crocuses and English lavender.

Sweetened with a dash of almond milk.


Green wheat. Crisp and fresh.

Balanced with a zesty twist of grapefruit.

Mingled with soft, white notes of meadowsweet. 

Personally, I like Honey & Crocus mixed with Green Wheat & Meadowsweet. Combining the two gives you the perfect balance of sweet and fresh notes, that is equally appealing to wear on its own. Though I have to admit Honey & Crocus is a little too sweet when worn alone; maybe that’s why I like pairing it with a crisp and fresh scent. Both are great summer scents–they are light and sweet, fresh, soft and all kinds of wonderful.

English Fields is available this month in all Jo Malone stores. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube: @JoMaloneLondon, #EnglishFields. 

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