Our relaxing family weekend at Kasa Luntian

Whenever I feel overwhelmed with work, I end up planning a family weekend getaway. This never fails to help me de-stress and unwind, as it breaks the routine and puts everyone in a more relaxed setting. Of course, we cant fly to a new destination every time, so I usually plan a quick trip to Tagaytay or Batangas. Now, what I love about Tagaytay is that apart from the cool weather, there are so many great dining establishments to discover. Seriously, all you need to do is drive (or use Google) and you can find amazing restaurants that serve unique specialty dishes. I am never hungry when I am in Tagaytay, and admittedly, I stop by every other fruit and vegetable stall we drive by, as well as check out the plants and flowers they have available.

Another thing that makes Tagaytay one of my go-to spots for a quick getaway is how easy it is to book a place to stay for my family. I don’t need to worry about where we will stay for the night, as there are many family-friendly places we can book and stay for the weekend. One new discovery is Kasa Luntian, the newest service residences in Tagaytay by Alveo Land. This residential property is as green as it gets, with gorgeous swimming pools and a playground for the kids. I discovered this through a friend’s recommendation and stayed in a one-bedroom suite, which perfectly fit my little family of three. Our room had a nice, spacious garden balcony overlooking the pool, floor-to-ceiling windows that let in plenty of light, and a kitchen where we could cook our food. Of course, we decided to just order from the restaurant within the compound to fully relax and enjoy the place. We found the dishes to be simple but good, and really affordable! Oh, and they can deliver to your room–no need to walk to the restaurant (just call).

My husband Carlos and I took this as an opportunity to do nothing, and enjoy the cold weather. This is such a luxury these days, as everyone is constantly on overdrive with work, traffic, and social media. Seriously, we need this time to unplug and de-stress once in awhile, and enjoy the simple things like sleeping-in, eating your favorite dishes and just making kulitan with the family. These are the things that matter, and most of the time these are the moments that aren’t captured on camera (though, of course, I still tried my best to document the weekend for you guys).

Our room in Kasa Luntian was spacious and comfortable, and so complete–we had a nice couch, Netflix, a big refrigerator to store our treats, and each other! Tristan loved playing in the playground and swimming in the pool, while Carlos and I enjoyed driving to our favorite restaurants in Tagaytay (it was so accessible as we were near the main road). It really felt like our home away from home, and we like the idea that we can just go here anytime we need a quick getaway. The best part–the rooms aren’t so pricey. For as low as P4,000, you get the Junior Suite; and around P5,000 for the One Bedroom Suite (prices vary depending on the dates). Not bad considering you get a super comfortable room, access to all their amenities and you’re right in the heart of Tagaytay (minus the hustle and bustle and the noise). You’re bound to have an incredible Tagaytay trip when you book you stay here!

For inquiries and booking, go to www.kasaluntianservicedresidences.com.

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