Happy 3rd Birthday, Tristan!

It’s hard to believe my little baby is now three years old!!! I know I keep saying it, but time really does fly. It seems like only yesterday when you came into our lives, and things have never been the same since. Dad and I have never experienced so much love, but it came with a lot of responsibilities. We are officially responsible for your life, and we were basically in charge of your health and well-being (that’s until the end, whether you like it or not haha). We didn’t know a thing about babies, but there we were, taking it day by day and learning whatever we can at the quickest possible time. I went through quite the ordeal as a new mom, as I also had to deal with crazy hormones, healing from giving birth, and basically trying to hold everything together (at least it felt like it). But you were all worth it.

Tristan means loud warrior, but you are the complete opposite of that. You are quiet, sensitive and kind, smart but sometimes stubborn, independent, sweet and so loving. We are so proud of you how you are growing up to be a little responsible boy. It’s the little things: like, not riding your bike without a helmet, crossing the street without holding my hand (or dad’s), sitting on your carseat or wearing a seatbelt when we ride Grab/Uber abroad–you remember to do these things every time. There’s no need for me or dad to remind you. You are at the stage where you copy whatever I do, or dad does, so we are always careful when you are around. But it seems you have the intuition and already know at this age the difference between right and wrong, because you end up reprimanding us when we are out of line. You are our voice of reason and conscience, and we love you dearly for being you. We never imagined that at such a young age you would be like this, but here you are.

Happy 3rd birthday, my love.

Although it takes you awhile to get used to something new, and you hate surprises (you cried when the Trending With Kelly team surprised you with a gift), please remember to always BE YOURSELF. We love that you like to do things in your own time, without pressure from people watching. And that when everyone was fast asleep, you reached for your gift and opened it all on your own. By morning you were playing with your gifts and even helped mom fix it up (like you always do). You are quite the character, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

You are the best gift from God, and we are so blessed to have you in our lives. We love spending time with you, and we hope to continue traveling with you as you grow older.

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