WATCH: The Baby Barangay moms answer your questions

WOW! Has it really been 12 episodes already?! It seems like only yesterday when the girls and I were brainstorming about a vlog/online show that would allow us to share our lives without having to be too serious or stiff, or worse, preachy. We wanted to create a space where we can be ourselves, and be able to encapsulate sweet memories of us with our husband and children. And of course, show the friendship, which is what the Baby Barangay is all about. We are currently preparing for Season 2, and are creating content so we can share it all with you. We appreciate each and every view and comment, and absolutely love that this show has allowed us to connect to moms all over the world. We hope you like our little vlog, and will continue to watch and support us.

Much love,

Kelly xo

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