WATCH: What I got myself for my birthday (an unboxing video)

Hello everyone! So sorry for the long absence. It seems like forever since I last posted here on my blog, and I have no-one (and nothing) to blame but this newish project I’ve been working on, which is my vlog or YouTube channel. This is a completely new medium for me and I am struggling so much to learn and keep up. As you know, I am literally a one-man show. I create all of my content on my blog, vlog, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (which I admit, I don’t really have time for these days), and I am a full-time mom (with no yaya). My husband helps out with the photography (yes, he is my IG husband), and we take turns taking care of our son. That leaves me with very little time to work on my blog, which is why I’ve somewhat neglected this space.

There is some good that came out of this: I am learning how to edit much quicker now, and shooting vlog content is somewhat easier now. I never thought I’d learn this new set of skills this quickly, but I am kind of proud of myself. It has crossed my mind to hire an assistant and maybe get some help, but I’ve computed the additional cost and I dunno, I keep thinking I probably still do a better job. Time is so precious though, and that is essentially what I will be getting when I hire someone to help me. Let’s see how this goes, and if I change my mind in the coming weeks.

So, anyway, I turned 37 last August 28! Happy birthday to me, and THANK YOU for all your wonderful greetings in social media. I didn’t throw a party–I just had a nice dinner with my immediate family, and the next day I went out and bought myself a bag that I’ve been eyeing for months. I was able to document my birthday bag purchasing experience so I can share it with you. I hope you like this vlog!

A big thank you to everyone who has stuck by me and still visits this blog whenever they can.

Much love,

Kelly xo

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