Re-discovering Boracay with my family

Like most of you, Boracay will always have a special place in my heart. It was where I spent most of my summers when I was in my twenties, and it was where my then boyfriend, now husband Carlos and I would escape to whenever we wanted to be alone. Likewise, it was where most of our friends would go for vacation, and where we would all meet up, relax and party. Oh yes, it was no doubt considered a “party island” for many years, but all that changed in a matter of six months.

So, okay, a little backstory about Boracay (in case you missed out on the news about it): the super popular island became overpopulated and heavily urbanized this past decade. And as a result, the island became too crowded as flights became more and more frequent, establishments were built without restrictions, and it seemed more big parties were happening every long weekend. This led to the inevitable garbage and pollution problem that basically destroyed the island. Sewer lines went straight to the beach where tourists would swim, and the island itself seemed to be getting worse with each passing year.

This was until our government decided to put a stop to it completely and shut down the island for six months. This definitely came as a shock to most of us, especially to tourists who had already booked their stay within those months and even couples who were going to get married in the island (imagine the logistical nightmare). This turned out to be the best decision though, and looking back, I am so glad our government did this.

It allowed the island to heal and breathe, at the same time it gave the local government time to catch up with much-needed infrastructure, urban planning and development. Also, the sewage and garbage problem was finally fixed! It is amazing what you can do in six months, and for the first time in a long time, I had faith in this project.

All these efforts did not go in vain. I am so happy (and proud) to report that Boracay is back in its natural beautiful state with clean, pristine beaches still with its glorious powdery white sand. Also, it is no longer the party island that we’ve known it to be–it is now quiet and peaceful, less cluttered and establishments can no longer extend into the beach like it used to. I was told it is now a family-friendly island, which I couldn’t be more happy about.

During our quick weekend family getaway we got to rediscover the beauty of our beloved island, without any fear or worry about safety and cleanliness. We swam with our little one and enjoyed the beach, built sandcastles and took plenty of photos. It was truly paradise on earth, and at one point I wished I had the power to stop time.

This time around we stayed at one of our favorite resorts in Boracay: Discovery Shores Boracay. It was truly the best decision, ever because we were so spoiled and happy all throughout the four days we were in the island. From the luxurious and spacious rooms to the delicious Filipino food at Sands Restaurant, our stay with them was memorable and relaxing. We were more than happy to create core memories with our little one and Discovery Shores Boracay provided the perfect setting for it. Tristan was raving about our trip for weeks!

We truly had an amazing stay at Discovery Shores Boracay. I think our little family vlog says it all–we couldn’t be happier to rediscover this beautiful island with this incredible resort.

Click PLAY to watch our little Boracay travel diary when we stayed in Discovery Shores Boracay.

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