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Charm bracelets will always stay in season. It is the quintessential accessory to own, because each charm represents something you love. This sets it apart from all your other accessories because you really take the time to select each one. And really, they are just so pretty.

I remember owning a couple of charm bracelets in the past. They were loved and worn everyday until they broke or began to tarnish. Back then, I really didn’t have the budget to buy expensive ones so I was always so sad when I had to say goodbye to my beloved bracelets. At one point I decided to stop wearing them as I realized how quickly they had to be repaired or replaced.

This was until I discovered Thomas Sabo Charm Club. Made with sterling silver, these precious charms are really made to last. Not only that, each one is unique and made with such detail. I could seriously spend the whole day at the store choosing from its wide selection.

And that I did. I recently went to the Thomas Sabo store in Shangri-la with one goal in mind: to build my very own Kelly charm bracelet. It took some time to line up my favorite charms: I added more, took out a few, checked which ones looked good with the other charms. I had a lot of fun mixing and matching charms until I got what I think is the perfect charm bracelet… for now anyway. I want to add more as I go along, which is the beauty with Thomas Sabo. You can never run out of charms to wear!  

Thomas Sabo Charm Club. 

Up close. 

Pretty charms. 

A charm bracelet on display. 

This one mixed enamel charms. 

Such detail. 

I love how they display their best-selling charms per week. 

This was my first line-up.  

Looking at more charms. 

This bracelet is pretty. 

More samples on display. 

Apart from the silver chain bracelet, Thomas Sabo has these other pretty options. 

I went charm-crazy!

Thomas Sabo store in Shangri-la. ***************************************************************************************** THOMAS SABO is giving away two (2) bracelets to my readers!!! All you have to do is:

* LIKE Thomas Sabo on Facebook (

 * answer this question: What Thomas Sabo charm best represents you and why?

The two best answers will win this lovely Thomas Sabo bracelet!  

You may send your answers by clicking on the ? button on the left side of the screen under the blog title (it will say: ASK ME ANYTHING when you keep the cursor there). Contest will close on August 31 (Friday) at 12 noon.

Contest is only for readers with Philippine addresses.  Please include your full name, Twitter ID and contact number/s with your entry so Thomas Sabo can easily get in touch with you if you win. Good luck!

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