The Burger Bar Private Sneak Eat


Photo with JM Rodriguez, whom I shared a table with. 

Burgers. Who doesn’t love them?! Like most of you out there in the world, I love burgers. There’s something about a huge beef patty sandwiched between a sesame seed bread bun that gets me hungry fast. Add toppings (tomato, lettuce, cheese, pickles… bacon?) and condiments (ketchup, mustard, hold the mayo) and you get a fantastic experience called a burger.


So I get an invitation to go to BURGER BAR’s “private sneak eat”, which means I get to order (almost) anything on the menu for free. (I mean really, who could say no to that.) The resto is by the Moment Group, which is the same people behind ‘Cue Modern Barbeque (another reason to try it), and is conveniently located at Greenbelt 2. So after a day of work and meetings, I drop by the place to try their burgers.

When I got there the place was seriously full, with many more people lining up for the free burgers, slash food, drinks, dessert. I went alone but I found that many of my friends from the industry were already there so I just sat with them.


I take a look at the menu and I already love what I am seeing. They served salads and sandwiches (or ‘wiches), which were very interesting, but it was the extensive burger menu that I take notice of. It took a while for me to know what to order, so I went with an old favorite.


Yes, I got a good old cheeseburger. A tried and tested favorite. It was quite good—beef is better than your regular burger joint and was very filling. Without all the extras you could really taste the meatiness, which I liked.


For that night, Burger Bar offered a sampler platter of their best dishes in their ‘For The Table’ menu. That included Good Ol’ Hot Fried Wings, Buttermilk Chicken Tenders with Roasted Jalapeno Ranch & Curried Mango Aioli, Chinatown Rock Shrimp Poppers and Golden Cheddar Mozzarella Sticks. My favorite were the Shrimp Poppers.


The perk of being in a group in this kind of event is that you could order a lot and not feel guilty about it. This is the Rising Shroom, which is a mustard-fried Steak Cut Blend of sirloin & chuck, fried oyster mushroom tempura, white truffle creamed cheese and sauteed mushroom.


The Lamb Burger. A 6.5oz house-ground lamb shoulder patty, feta cheese, harissa, sliced cucumber, yoghurt, pickled red onions, house-made aioli on a Brioche bun.


For dessert, I got a Black & White Banana Split, which interestingly, came in a jar. This had chunks of chocolate brownie, sliced banana, vanilla and chocolate ice cream, topped with caramel sauce, whipped cream, crushed peanuts and strawberry syrup.

Thanks for inviting me, The Burger Bar! Looking forward to eating at your restaurant again soon.

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