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How could I say NO to this?! A relaxing spa-date with my husband at one of the best spas in the world. SOLD! Seriously, I think I may have said yes even before I was asked. That was how excited I was to try this out! Of course, I am writing about Deverana Spa at Dusit Thani Manila, which by the way has made it to Agoda’s 2014 list of world’s best spa hotels. Yes, it is one of the best spa hotels–IN THE WORLD! Isn’t it amazing that a service this good is just in Makati?! You don’t need to plan a trip or take an airplane to get here. It is walking distance from Glorietta and SM Makati. I didn’t know this, which is why I am so amazed by its accessibility. This proves that there are hidden gems right here in Metro Manila, you just need to look closely to find them.

I read up on Deverana Spa and they had nothing but great reviews about the spa. Here is part of that article by presents a list of ten hotels that offer a world class spa experience, compiled based on hotel ratings, customer comments, and consultations with travel industry experts. From full-body aromatherapy to salt scrubs to massage treatments from around the world, these properties are the best way to pamper yourself during your travels in Europe or Asia.

Hotel name: Dusit Thani Manila, Philippines

Spa Name: Devarana Spa

Details: In Manila’s buzzing Makati business and shopping district, Devarana Spa offers six beautiful therapy rooms, five types of spa treatments, and several packages to suit every need. Guests score the Pampering Programme highly, which offers body scrubs, jet lag recovery treatment, and a half day steam, bath, exfoliation, and reflexology massage. Relaxing water treatments, mud and algae wraps, or fruit peel body scrubs are available to ensure that guests leave relaxed and ready to take on the world.

Customers say: “Although staff surely meets and greets hundreds of people every day, they seemed to care about you as an individual. All services we used (including spa and pool) were flawless.” – Torben, Sweden

By now you know it was the wonderful people of Agoda ( who recommended this blissful date. And it couldn’t have come at a better time. Both my husband and I were super stressed with work and I was coming down with a cold. Work has taken over our lives lately, and we were beginning to forget to take care of ourselves. I mean, of course, work is good and we need it to pay for our day-to-day expenses, but it isn’t everything. At least this is what I need to remind myself constantly, being a workaholic. In other words, we both needed this! Which is why we arrived extra early (40 minutes early haha) because we couldn’t wait to relax and de-stress.


We were at the reception area in no time, sipping on ginger tea and browsing home decor magazines as the friendly staff prepared our room. I love that they offered a choice of fragrant massage oils which really helped relax me during the massage. There was Breeze for relaxing, which was a blend of thyme, cypress, neroli and bergamot scents; Mellow for revitalising and nourishing the skin, a combination of rose, lavender and chamomile; Glee for energising, which consisted of lemon, lemongrass and galbanum; and Cherish for calming nervous tension, which was made up of sandalwood, vetiver and patchouli. I chose Breeze, as my goal really was to relax.



Carlos and I got the Deverana Signature Massage, which was 90 minutes of pure bliss. The massage combines strong pressures of Thai, Ayurveda and Shiatsu techniques with Swedish and Aromatherapy influence for the ultimate soothing and pampering experience. It’s all your favorite massage techniques rolled into one, and is meant to knead you into a happy, stress-free state. The signature massage comes together with a bowl of hot water and freshly sliced kaffir lime and orange for respiratory cleansing, which they put underneath your massage table, right under your nose. It was so soothing to breathe in these yummy scents–that plus the relaxing massage oil, HEAVEN!

After 90 amazing minutes, I felt like I had a full night’s rest. I was relaxed, but also clear-headed and energized. It was such a great feeling to have, I felt like I could do anything! Carlos, on the other hand, was dazed–he couldn’t believe he got such a great massage. All his aches and pains were gone, and he felt like he was walking on air. It was one of the best massages of my life, which really says a lot because I’ve made it a point to always get massages when I travel. This was seriously good, their masseuses were very skilled and trained and they were also very courteous and accommodating (they gave us more ginger tea after the massage as well as dried longan). This massage comes highly recommended–I completely agree with Agoda’s list, though now I want to try out the other hotel spas on the list (soon). If you want to do a staycation in Dusit Thani Makati and/or get a relaxing massage at Deverana Spa, for best rates check or click HERE.




Of course, I just can’t write about getting a massage and not offer one of my readers the same experience. Which is why I am giving away one (1) Spa Voucher that allows you a 60-minute massage of your choice at the Deverana Spa at Dusit Thani Manila (voucher valid until October 23, 2014). This is your chance to get the ultimate pampering experience at one of the best hotel spas in the world. I promise you, this is a treat–it is so worth joining this contest.

As always, joining is super easy.

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(4) Leave a comment on this blog post and answer why you should win this 60-minute massage at Deverana Spa

The best answer WINS! (I’ll be choosing the winner btw, with inputs from my husband haha.) Contest ends on August 18, 2014 (Monday) at 12 noon.

Good luck!!!


  1. The Monching Reply

    (Oh-kay, imma try this one out for kicks XD)

    Monch Puentebella

    I deserve to win this 60-minute massage at Devarana Spa because I believe that taking a break from the daily grind of work allows me to be refreshed and feel more creative – important for me as someone who writes for a living – and there’s no better way to recharge than having a massage. 🙂

  2. Haze Ang Reply

    Hi Kelly! Reading your blog is one of my pastime during break at work and this one really hit the spot, ack now I’m dreaming of myself in a heavenly spa room!:p thank you as always for sharing wonderful experiences with us and all the more for giving us a chance to try it as well 🙂 I’m addicted to spa and massage because these give me time to relax and veer away from stress but due to consecutive tax audits and more regional tasks given to me lately, I find it hard to give myself some me-time. I have been staying over 10 hours a day in the office everyday since last week and even had to do work on weekend just to be able to meet deadlines this month, so maybe if I get lucky and win this spa, I could give myself a reward after this struggling month 🙂 thank you again and have a nice week ahead! 🙂

  3. Karen Dela Cruz Reply

    Hi Kelly. I will give this fabulous spa voucher to my boyfriend who’s been working really hard these past few weeks. We both have a nine to 6 job, run a small food cart business and he’s currently taking a Master’s degree. We are on a tight budget but Id like to surprise him with this little luxury I’m sure he would love because he loves massages! Thanks in advance!

  4. Katrina Sibal Reply

    Being a working-single mom of a very hyper almost 3-year old boy is no joke. Working during day time to make sure that we have enough for bills payment, and still do mommy duties during night time can be really exhausting. 24 hours a day for a working mom like me is really never enough once you have a kid at the same time you’re doing work to make sure you provide well. So a once in a while massage is really a treat for me. I like buying massage deals to treat myself so imagine if I could get a chance to experience one of the world’s best spas, what a treat that would be plus my birthday is on Oct. 13 so it would really be nice to win this! I hope I could win the 60-minute massage at Deverana Spa 🙂

  5. denise pangilinan Reply

    i want to ‘experience’ a ‘speechless experience’ through your ‘experience’ at this dusit spa! 🛀

  6. Eunice San Miguel Reply

    Life has been a roller coaster of sort for the past few months. I resigned from a job I love, got married, became an OFW’s wife, lived in a foreign land, became a domestic diva, went back to homebase, re-joined the corporate jungle to support a now, single income household all in less than 6 months. Whew! All the commas would have to prove I need this break in my life 🙂 So Kelly, in true Meredith Grey fashion, pick me, choose me, love me! 🙂

  7. Kat (@katriniszm) Reply

    Hi Ms. Kelly! I would like to win this not actually for myself but for my boyfriend/ bestfriend/ special someone coz he works so hard non stop! He is a workaholic and he never experienced a massage at any fancy spas or hotels. It’s his birthday last Aug 9 so I wanted to have a pahabol gift to him! Thank you!

    Katrine Lao

  8. Marie June Reyes Reply

    I believe I deserve to win this 60-minutes massage at Devarana Spa because for the past 1 year in a half I’ve been taking care of my sick mother all day all night…. I wish to win this contest…. Thank’s Ms. Kelly. 😃

  9. Lira Mae Dologuin Reply

    I should win this 60- minute massage at deverana spa because I deserve a break from work and to pamper myself for this once in a lifetime opportunity . And besides since I was in high-school I’m your number 1 fan. 🙂 Thank you!

  10. melissawillconquer Reply

    I deserve to win the spa treatment because I have been trying to develop my self-worth after a terrible loss (for how many years) I was surprised that the spa treatment was for ONE not for TWO. (Which is also a good thing because with the spa treatment, I’ll be able to release the tension better on my own)

    Learning how to love myself again (and in a better manner) is a process that takes time. I feel that winning the spa treatment can channel the independent woman in me. Pursuing my goals and aspirations without forgeting my WORTH as a WOMAN.
    Remembering that I should give myself tender loving care.

    Hope i win the spa treatment! 🙂 Here’s to empowerment and self-worth!

  11. belleygurl Reply

    Hello Kelly! Giving this spa contest a shot coz am a sucker for spa and massages. Upon reading your blog, I was like, OMG! I want. I wanna win and experience what you’ve been talking. I believe I deserve this treat to recharge and relax after been through a series of expo and exhibits. Working as an event manager is so stressful and toxic but rewarding. So would be nice at least once in a while indulge and breathe and relax and this spa give away is a perfect catch! Another expo is coming the following weeks, for sure I’ll be serving clients again fresh amd with a smile. Relived.

  12. ghirlieee Reply

    My mom just came home after being an OFW for three years. Although she told she’ll just stay for weeks to rest, she needs to go back to work again. I know she can rest here at home but the 60-minute massage from Deverana Spa is much more than being at home. I want her to experience much more relaxing and satisfying rest so we can seize more days. ♥

  13. belleygurl Reply

    Im a sucker for spa and massages, I believe I deserve this! I wanna experience what you’ve experienced. This spa treat would be a perfect treat for myself. Working for an events company is so stressful and toxic but rewarding. Thru this I can recharge and be fresh again. Ready for the following events coming.

  14. Arni Reply

    I’m a mom of two, no yaya, very hands-on, Sales by profession, a Leader, a Runner.
    Yes it’s multiple responsibilities, it is indeed stressful, it is physically enduring and emotionally exhausting… But at the end of each day no matter how tired, I always feel blessed for everything I do is everything I love.
    I work harder because of the people that matters to me most. I lead by passion because of the people who believes in my example. I run stronger because of the people who inspires me to do so.
    Yes this is a one great reward for being a one hardworking woman who never ever complains about life but rather takes everything as an opportunity to sparkle. 🙂

  15. Ann Reply

    Hi kelly! 🙂 ive never been this stressed at work 🙁 so i guess i deserve (i really really DESERVE!!!) this massage!!! One of my favorite things to destress.. Massage!!! Im already imaging myself in that nice massage bed.. Oh what a relaxing thought 🙂

  16. micaMD Reply

    Hi Kelly! Your article is very luring I almost felt the massage they offer just by reading this! As a medical intern (4th year medical student) we work at the hospital every single day of our lives and go on “duty” for 36 hours straight! And since I’m in my OB-GYNE rotation at a government hospital, that 36 hours means going home with edematous feet with no sleep and no rest as we continuously “deliver” and “coach” pregnant mothers for healthy delivery of their babies. My encounter with pregnant mothers everyday made me realize that every woman needs to constantly take care of her mind and body because this is what we use to touch other people’s lives <3 This spa treat is just what I need now when sleep and good food is not enough for the work I've been doing lately! 🙂

    1. kellymisa Reply

      CONGRATULATIONS micaMD!!! You win a one-hour massage at the Devarana Spa at Dusit Thani Manila. Please email me your full name, address and contact number–my email address is Agoda will be sending you your prize as soon as you give me your information.

  17. Ned Yara Reply

    I should win this 60-minute massage at Deverana Spa simply because I want to treat myself a happier birthday this year. Will be celebrating my birthday in less than 3 weeks from now and I just realized that I had enough for the past years and I think its about time to find ways to make life more wonderful. Just like you. Thanks Kelly.

  18. Farida Sadeghi Reply

    Hi Kelly! I believe that I deserve to win this awesome treat because Im a first time mom and I never got the chance to take a break since I had my baby. Im literally raising him on my own because my husband is working abroad and dont have the luxury of having family helping out since they live far away from us. Just me, myself and my baby. I had no one to teach me how to do “mommy stuff”, I had to figure these out on my own. I would like to think that Im doing a great job though. I havent had a real, relaxing massage in years, I forgot how it feels. Thank you Kelly!

  19. Riza Cruz Reply

    I think I deserve a little (no, grand) pampering because I stressed myself too much in meeting job orders during the day and a nurse to my dad at night. Not only it was physically exhausting, it was a bit unfair as well to my body . 🙂 So, hopefully I can experience this relaxing treat Ms. Kelly :)) More power to your blog!

  20. Jannette Uy Reply

    Hi Kelly! I hope I will win the 60-minute massageat the Deverana Spa at Dusit Thani Manila. I want to experience this one of a kind grand spa service offered by Dervana Spa. Ive been having this feeling of numbness on both my feet after suffering from a rare disease called auto immune anti nmda receptor encephalitis last year January 2013. I just got back to work this year after recovering for a year from the disease and haven’t had the time to get pampered and have a relaxing and soothing massage. I want to experience a holistic massage and to relieve the numbness of my feet. Thanks so much Kelly for this opportunity.

  21. Rena Reply

    Hi Kelly, I would like to win the Spa treatment from Deverana for my hubby. Since he was elected last October in the Barangay elections, he has been the “home maker.” Being a government official does not require an eight hour office shift as compared to a regular employee like me. I am accountant who always have month-end, quarter-end and year-end reports to accomplish. He has been hands on taking care of our 2 kids, bringing and fetching them from school, attending PTA meetings, cleaning the house, cooking our meals, teaching our kids with their school assignments and fulfilling his duties as a Barangay Kagawad (he attends sessions every Thursday night.) Plus on weekends and Friday nights, he finds time to date me!

  22. Diana M. Chan Reply

    Thanks for sharing Kelly it will be far much better if I could experience the same and if I win this 60-minute massage at Deverana Spa it will be the best birthday gift ever for a single hard working lady 🙂

  23. Emily Joy Reply

    Hello Ms. Kelly,

    I admit I don’t have stress busters related to work since at the moment I am unemployed but I think I feel the need to unwind (in a spa way) and relax both my mind and my heart because I’ve dealt with numerous challenges these past few months. These I do not wish to announce but surely have impacted me and made my self-esteem at its lowest. So maybe, just maybe it will help me holistically with the help of this Spa that you’re giving out. On a lighter note I’ve been wishing to have a nice spa to help soothe my backache and sore muscles. Hope this will do. Have a great to you and your hubby. 🙂

  24. Rhio Angeline Reply

    Hello Ms. Kelly!

    Please let me win this 60-minute spa voucher. I’m a law student and currently having my exam week at the moment. Reading your blog is usually what I do to keep me up and running so as not to be sleepy with all my readings. Relaxing with this 60-minute spa from Dusit Thani will definitely be the icing on top at the end of my midterm exam week.

    Thank you so much! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  25. Anne Barrientos Reply

    Hi Ms. Kelly! I think i should win the 60-minute massage because i need a simple break. I have been busy with life’s daily grind – family responsibilities on the side, work commitment on the other (not to mention extra responsibilities that come along the way) – and i do believe i need to de-stress. Winning the spa voucher would help me de-stress big time! I can’t wait to hold the voucher! 🙂 God bless!

  26. kellymisa Reply

    This was one tough decision. All of you are deserving of that massage!!! Thank you so much for sharing your stories, I really appreciate them. <3 Thank you for joining this contest!!! Please know that I will try my best to have more giveaways in my blog as you all really deserve them. This was so difficult to choose only one.

    CONGRATULATIONS micaMD!!! You win a one-hour massage at the Devarana Spa at Dusit Thani Manila. Please email me your full name, address and contact number–my email address is Agoda will be sending you your prize as soon as you give me your information.

    More giveaways to come. Wishing you all a relaxing weekend! <3

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