Charles & Keith: My picks for 2013

Shoe shopping makes me happy. If it were up to me, I would shop for shoes all the time if I didn’t have other bills to pay. There’s something magical about finding that perfect pair, and I don’t just mean getting the size right. Its the style, how the shoe fits on your feet and how it feels to walk in them for the first time. All these things have to come together, which really makes it all very special. And when we find all these qualities in a pair of shoes, that’s when we know its worth buying.

This is exactly what I experienced on this happy day of shopping at my favorite shoe/bag/accessory store: CHARLES & KEITH, as I was able to find a gorgeous selection of shoes that’s just perfect for 2013. I was looking for comfortable walking shoes that day, and found the prettiest ballet flats, loafers, wedges and heels. These were perfect for the (secret) fashion resolution I made with myself: to always make comfort a requirement when buying shoes! I don’t know how many times I had sacrificed the comfort of my poor feet in the name of fashion. I have so many cute shoes in all shapes and forms that I cant wear for more than two hours (some 30 minutes) and this year, I am finally saying NO to these. Of course, I still have to look stylish, so its really about finding that perfect pair that marries both comfort and style.

They are definitely out there, as I found out that day. Here are my picks from Charles & Keith for 2013.

Snakeskin loafers. I figured since 2013 is the year of the water snake, I might as well adorn my feet with snakeskin print shoes. These are super comfortable—definitely made for walking.


Upclose. I love the combination of white, brown and gray on this print.


As you can see, snakeskin is super versatile. You can wear this with most outfits in your closet and it can take you from casual to office attire.


Tan wedges. For me, wedge shoes are a wardrobe staple. These perfectly combine comfort and height and are easy enough to be worn from day to night.


These wedges are soft and very light. Its platform makes it comfortable.


Love the combination of tan and navy blue. So chic.


Cap toe leather ballet flats. Another pair that I love. This modern take on a classic is so elegant. I can imagine wearing this with a shift dress.


So cute! The quilted leather + silver cap toe looks great together.


Leopard print t-bar heels. You really cant go wrong with this pair. This is so stylish yet so sophisticated.


It is all about the slim heel this season.


Leather loafers in olive green.  These are adorable! I actually like the black ones more than the white, but they didn’t have my size in black.


Trying on the white ones.


So I ended up getting two pairs of shoes that day, and you guessed right: I got the snakeskin loafers and the tan and navy blue wedges. I was very happy!!


Oh and I also found A LOT more cute styles that maybe you would want (I am always thinking about you guys). Check these out:


Love these! I mean really, what better way to start the new year than with a new pair of shoes (a bag wont hurt either)?! And since we’re coming to the end of this blog entry, you know what means. CONTEST TIME!!!

This time I will be giving away P3,000 worth of gift certificates to one (1) of my lucky readers. All you have to do is:

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Good luck!

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