Here it is: (finally) I chose my Charles & Keith contest WINNER

Wow. This contest must hold some kind of record! I am so happy, I got an unbelievable number of entries for this giveaway! Thank you all so much for joining!!! I am sorry it took me this long to select one winner. I really had a difficult time, because your entries were just so good! This one stood out though…

CONGRATULATIONS: Ms. Carmina D.G. Villanuena!!! 

“New Year might be the most exciting and unforgettable holiday that happen every year. A New Hope, New Chance, New Life, New Beginning and New Year. But underneath all the glitter and sparkle, there is a popular tradition and also one of the highlights of the celebration that we always do during the beginning of the year, and that’s making a “NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION”. I always make new year’s resolution every year but this year I want to have a twist of uniqueness so I will make a “FASHION RESOLUTION” for a change. This is the first time that I will make a fashion resolution and I’m excited for the future outcome. I do believe that this “change” will help me to improved my self and my fashion statement. Year 2012 is very remarkable to me. I might experience different challenges and trials to pursue my dream but that problems that I encounter during that year helps me to become a better person and to be inspired to follow my dreams in the field of fashion blogging. By the help of fashion bloggers, I became more motivated to pursue my dreams. Whenever I visit their blogs, I’m being inspired to all their achievements and hard work. They followed their dreams and they make it!  And by the help also of the trusted and leading brands like Charles and Keith, this makes me and other aspiring fashion blogger to achieve our goals this year and I believe those brands are the “keys” in fashion industry. As I turn 18 last year, my fashion statement changed. The way I dressed, the way I accessorized, the way I style and the way I bring my style in crowd. All of that changed when a simple innocent girl turns to become a lady who’s trying to open up her eyes in in the field of fashion. I consider myself as a novice here in fashion industry and this year I want to gain and improve my knowledge and skills about fashion. So here’s my fashion resolution this year 2013:    1. Since last consecutive years I rarely wear dresses, this year I will wear dresses that fits according to my size and to my color. Like nude or neutral color dresses.   2. During school time, we are required to wear casual instead of uniform every wednesday and our school implement to wear pants. This year I will wear colored pants to add more twist and uniqeness to my style. Like pastel colored pants, leopard design pants and even neon colored pants. Adding some studs in my pants will be also a good and stylish idea.   3. I usually love to wear t-shirts ever since. But this year I want to change the t-shirt things into a classy and elegant blouses. That will make me more sophisticated.  4. Adding more touch of accessories will be also a must for me this year! I do believe that accessories makes a dress bloom it’s beauty and charm more. Even a simple dress or a shirt can be more stylish and classy by adding up accessories. Investing accessories mostly gold and silver will do. And also pearls and gems that I can use during school. (I’m a nursing student so it is required to us to have a minimal accessories to wear during school. How sad!)  4. Say hello to wedges and mid-heels this year 2013! I need to practice wearing wedges and heels this year. Right now I’m still have problems whenever I wear wedges and heels its like I’m always out of balance. So investing more wedge and heels will be perfect. Most especially that I’m now usually wearing dresses this year (#1 resolution). And the number#1 brand of choice that I will choose would be “Charles&Keith”. My mom introduce me to that brand way back then. She really enjoy that brand so I also try it and it really is a good or might be a best brand of shoes. It’s quality really worth on its price. It even last for years. You will never regret once you buy it! Their designs really follows on the trends in fashion industry that’s why I enjoy the brand more.  5. Matching up some hand bag and shoulder bag will be perfect. This year I will always use those kind of bags for more feminine style. And should limit my self to wear bag pack as well.  6. Studded shorts will be comfy during regular days. Still need to maintain the fashion instinct even at home. Colored shorts and even sequined shorts will be great.  7. Making DIY shorts, shirts, pants or even a shoes. I will enhance my creativity and also my fashion statement by doing some DIY. I will practice making some of it. It will be more authentic and original for me because it’s personalized based in fashion and style. I will enhance it more.  8.. And the last fashion resolution for me would be……… TO “TRUST” MYSELF! All of my fashion resolution will have positive outcomes and successful if I’m going to trust myself that I will make this for the sake of me and for my dreams. By doing this I know I will make it! (: <3    Everyday is a Fashion Show and the World is our Runway. So be at our BEST and WALK WITH CONFIDENCE! <3 Cheers everyone. xx”

You lucky girl! You win P3,000 worth of gift certificates from Charles & Keith! The brand will contact you very soon and will tell you how to claim your prize. 🙂

And of course, to help you choose which shoe to get, I’m posting photos from Charles & Keith’s Fall/Winter 2012-13 collection. Enjoy!

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