Dove Real Beauty Sketches

You are more beautiful than you think.
This is what I am left with after watching this video from Dove. This couldn’t be truer, and I am pretty sure women everywhere can relate to this powerful message. In my case, the video hit close to home, as I came across an old diary from high school when I was organizing my things. In one entry, I expressed how miserable I was because of how I looked, and I even drew a horrible sketch of myself. It is something to laugh about now, but looking back I remember how self-conscious I was because of my awkward, skinny physique. I hid in baggy clothes and was mortified when I found a pimple or two on my face. It was all part of growing up, but for some of us who never got over those “ugly days”, it is time for a change. We ought to listen to how our loved ones describe us–in their eyes we are beautiful. What little insecurities we have about our forehead, nose, chin, cheeks or skin is not as bad as how we see it. We¬†are more beautiful than we think, and it is time we start believing it.
  1. kairix770 Reply

    I first thought this ad was about CSI:Miami because the man said he’s a forensic artist. But I was amazed that it’s all about a woman’s beauty sketched thru the description given by persons a woman met. This video shows that natural beauty impacts every person we meet. Kudos!

    1. kellymisa Reply

      You know what, me too! It has a very CSI feel in the beginning haha. I love how they made the video though. It really made an impact on me. I was bawling my eyes out towards the end.

      1. fashionbreaker Reply

        Nice to learn that Miss Kelly! Dove video about beauty sketches will always have an impact to each and every women out there.

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