Bric’s opens flagship store in Manila


When it comes to stylish, chic and sensible luggage, Bric’s comes to mind. The Italian brand has been around since the 1950’s, and is internationally renowned for its hand-crafted luggage made with the finest Tuscan leather and state-of-the-art durable nylon. Every time I come across the store in Shangri-la mall, I ALWAYS go inside and admire the bags/totes/luggage. Its timeless and effortless designs appeal to me, and I can’t help but daydream of my next destination, using of course the covetable luggage.

I remember seeing Bric’s on my shopping trips abroad. I would always attempt to purchase a travel bag or luggage but would never push thru because of logistics (how am I supposed to take it home) and many other travel limitations (paying for overweight or extra luggage). So when I discovered that Bric’s opened its flagship store in Manila, I was more than happy. I could now very easily bring home the luggage without any hassles or extra payments.

I was at the grand opening of Bric’s at Shangri-la. I got to see the latest styles of matching bags and luggage, and meet designer Francesca Versace, who came up with her own collection. She came all the way here from Italy. Her designs were inspired by frames, and baroque details, which I thought were very interesting. The colors are very vibrant, but it still remains classy like the brand. Personally I LOVE the all leather luggage (especially the ones in brown)! They look stylishly handsome–it would be a dream to travel with a set like that!

Scroll down to see photos of the event.

20130723_200949Bric’s Commercial Director Attilio Briccola, Francesca Versace, President of 128 Dream Foundation Corporation (the local distributor of Bric’s) Edwin Ngo, and Massimo Roscigno.

20130723_204725Fashion show featuring Bric’s latest collection.

20130723_204747I like this dove grey and brown bag/luggage set.

20130723_204810Dark brown also looks good.

20130723_204817The quintessential travel set.

20130723_205020Drool! These are the bags I want!

20130723_205044I adore these.

20130723_205116The handbag is pretty too.

20130723_205023I want that overnight bag and luggage set.

20130723_205350For stylish men, Bric’s also carries hardshell luggage.

20130723_205325These don’t really command attention like the others, but they are beautifully made nonetheless.

20130723_205908Francesca Versace x Bric’s collection.

20130723_205733This one is the perfect size for everyday wear. I like the leather sling.

20130723_205711This medium-size tote is perfect for travelling.

20130723_205804The vibrant, standout design will help you spot your luggage in a jiffy.

20130723_205813The design up close.

20130723_205847Francesca Versace x Bric’s collection.

20130723_205938Francesca shares her inspiration for her design.

20130723_210624Bric’s unveils its store.

20130723_210917The big reveal.

20130723_211047Attilio Briccola, Francesca Versace, Shamcey Supsup with Lala Fojas of Shangri-la Plaza and Edwin Ngo.

20130723_201228I got my Bric’s bag!

20130723_202719Marco Lobregat and Isabel Roces.

20130723_202948Marina Benepayo and Ricardo Cepeda.

20130723_204222Sanya Smith.

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