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My current obsession: this Aussie swimwear brand called TRIANGL! They have got adorable bikinis you can easily mix and match, and get this–they are made of neoprene! Yes, the same material used for wetsuits is now used for swimsuits–and they come in the cutest colors and designs. I chanced upon their online website (they ship internationally, by the way) and just fell in love with their latest offerings of neoprene bikinis. I already got mine in the mail a few weeks ago (THANK YOU, I am just waiting for a beach trip so I can finally wear my cobalt blue bikini!

Of course, I didn’t want you to miss out so I am posting their current lookbook, so you can check out how pretty these swimsuits are. To order yours now, simply log on to!


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  1. remixbyreg Reply

    Hi Ms. Kelly! Triangl suits costs about 79-89 USD excluding tax and shipping fees. If I order a suit, how much will be the total cost be? Still thinking (& computing) if it’s worth buying. Thank you!

    1. kellymisa Reply

      If I remember correctly, I think I had to pay somewhere between P700 to P1200 for tax and shipping fees. Sadly, we need to take those things into consideration. But the swimsuits are really nice though, so worth it!

  2. Bianca Reply

    Hi kelly! Did custom charge you? How much?

    1. kellymisa Reply

      Yes. It was somewhere around P500. 🙂

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