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It will be a brand new year in a few days and I can hardly wait! I always have such high hopes for the New Year, as I see it as an opportunity to curb bad habits and make some life improvements. It is all about starting fresh and leaving behind all the negative things from the past year. There is just so much to look forward to–it is time to make plans, write resolutions, and jot down dreams, ideas and inspirations. So of course, its is also time to get a new planner!

I’ve always preferred writing things down to using technology. Its just so much more reliable this way. I usually keep a planner for my daily schedule, and have a notebook with me so I can easily write down notes/ideas/to-do-lists. I’m not sure if its because I grew up using organisers (or file-o-faxes/planners), but its just easier for me to plan my daily schedule this way. Having a planner is just more tangible–I can look at my schedule anytime even if my phone’s battery dies. The only way it doesn’t work for me is if I leave it at home, otherwise its a great way to keep track of my meetings, events, shoots, and deadlines.

Finding one that works is essential. I usually require a planner that shows my schedule for the week and for the month, with plenty of writing space. I also need extra pages to write information, notes, etc. I was just about to shop for my 2014 planner when Belle De Jour sent over three of their super planners: Belle De Jour Power Planner, Everything Is Possible 2014, and Navi 2014. I compared one planner from the other, and let me say, each one is different but all are such complete organisers. They are such a joy to fill out and offer so much more than your regular schedule book. For instance, the Belle De Jour Power Planner has over P40,000 worth of coupons inside the planner while the Navi 2014 carries over P25,000 worth of coupons. Each planner also offers its own unique layout to suit your taste–there’s one for the girly-girl (BDJ Power Planner), for the fun and colourful (Everything is Possible), and for the adventurous traveller (Navi 2014).

20131224_134719Viviamo, Inc. comes up with 3 awesome 2014 planners: Navi 2014, Everything is Possible, and BDJ Power Planner.

20131224_134915The inside pages of BDJ Power Planner.

20131224_134837The cool coupons that come with the planner–these offer A LOT of savings!

20131224_134801The Everything Is Possible planner is peppered with inspirational material.

20131224_134818Its daily schedule offers an hourly breakdown of your day.

20131224_134539The Navi 2014 planner.

 20131224_134554This is the perfect travel/adventure planner.

20131224_134623Its daily schedule has plenty of writing space, which I love!

20131224_135219More useful organisers from Viviamo, Inc.

 20131224_135319Inside the Save/Do Forget-Me-Not and Cash Tracker.

20131224_135450The pages of the other journals. These are so useful for making everyday to-do lists!

20131224_135657Belle De Jour also came out with Sticky Notes this year, and a Lifestyle Card.

20131224_135719These sticky notes can keep your thoughts, ideas, and list of errands super organised.



Get a chance to win your very own Viviamo planner (yes, you can choose between the Belle de Jour Power Planner,  the Everything is Possible Planner, and the Navi 2014)! Ill be choosing three lucky winners to win one of these:

* Belle de Jour Power Planner + Sticky Notes

* Navi 2014 Planner and Save/Do Pad

* Everything is Possible Planner and Focus/Finish Pad

All you have to do is:

1. LIKE Belle de Jour’s Facebook page:

2. FOLLOW BDJ’s Twitter account: @BDJbuzz

3. Answer this question on Twitter: What is one big goal you’ll work on in 2014? 

*** Don’t forget to tag me: @kellymisa, use the hashtag #jumpstart2014 and tell me which of the three planners you want to win (simply hashtag #bdjpp / #eipp / #navi2014).

Contest will run until December 30 (Monday) at 12noon.

Join now and win these amazing planners/organizers!!!  

  1. michellema Reply

    Joined! Had BDJPP since 2011 as gifts, didn’t receive bdj2014 this year 🙁 the coupons are my fave!

  2. diosyl Reply

    Thank you so much for this giveaway 🙂 For a working mom like me, this planner will be a very big help 🙂

  3. diosyl Reply

    Thank you so much for this giveaway 🙂 as a working mom, this planner will be a very big help 🙂

  4. Maryjane Ladesma Reply

    Great promo. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Aryanne Reply

    Done! 🙂 I hope I win the Navi planner. The Save/Do and Cash Tracker would very much help me in budgeting our expenses once we have moved to Canada next year. *fingers crossed!*

  6. genAlpuerto Reply

    Please check my tweet! 🙂 will be glad to have that planner, it will be a great help to me for the year 2014. Thanks. 🙂

  7. Virginia Baclao Reply

    Worth reading all your blogs. Thank you also for your awesome promos

  8. Tin Reply

    joined! thanks for the awesome giveaway contest. 😉 Hope I win the BDJPP!

  9. Yvette Ramos Reply

    Done! I hope i win the Belle de Jour Power Planner. It would really help me a lot to be motivated and be more focused in achieving a better version of myself. High hopes for you to choose me to win for Ive always wanted to have this planner 🙂 Thnks for opportunities like this.

  10. Rikx Knows Best Reply

    I love this post! This would be a great opportunity for moms like me who need cute and helpful planners. Never got the chance to try BDJ but I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE ONE. Hope I win!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

  11. Carol S. Reply

    Hi Ms. Misa! Who won the planner?

    1. kellymisa Reply

      The winners of my @BDJbuzz #Jumpstart2014 giveaway: for the BDJ Power Planner it was @hyaaldueso, the Navi2014 @erin_0523 and for the Everything is Possible planner it was @lorrainegelique! 🙂

  12. jen Reply

    hi… I wanna be a part of your company. 🙂

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