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As a child, I used to love play time (of course, what kid didn’t)! I loved it so much that I hated taking my afternoon naps (which was a requirement) so I would stuff my pillows underneath a blanket and shape it to look like it was me sleeping, and quietly sneak out so I can play with my friends. I loved habulan, mataya-taya, langit lupa, chinese garter, and cops and robbers, but the most fun I had that I remember so vividly is playing with this old rocking chair of ours that my friends and I would turn upside down and imagine to be a fort, a slide, and even a house. Seriously, we played with that chair until it broke (I think we got too big to play with it haha)! But it was so worth it, because it brought us so many amazing memories–fun afternoons spent playing, imagining, and playing some more.

I keep forgetting how wild our imagination was when we were kids. We could be given a box and it could turn into this magical place to hide out, imagine and play. Come to think of it, my sister and I did play with boxes at one point, only we turned them åinto a cool “secret” clubhouse. I forgot how we built it, I think our dad helped us out, but I remember it being THE COOLEST PLACE EVER! We cut out windows, put over a roof, and decorated the place with our toys. And at night, we used flashlights, though we weren’t allowed to play after dinner so we rarely used these. It fell apart after two weeks and it was the saddest day for us.

Okay, so I couldn’t help but reminisce about all my fun playtime afternoons–all these great memories came back to me when I saw the best toy EVER! My good friend Kristen Brito sent me photos of her new business, and wow, I couldn’t help but get excited about it! Her new company is called The Running Rabbits, and they produce FURNI-TOYS (a hybrid of furniture and toys) for children. Her first creation is called TRISTAN, and its this amazing interactive toy that you can actually adjust and modify (with super simple mechanisms) to create something new and totally different. You can literally turn TRISTAN into a table, a see-saw, a cart, a boat, or pretty much anything your kid imagines it to be. I kind of wish I had this when I was a kid–its way cooler (not to mention sturdier) than that old rocking chair we had or our box clubhouse haha. It just looks like a ton of fun, and its made for playing so you know it will last a lifetime. Not to mention, it looks good too, so it can blend in with the rest of your furniture at home. I love its wood finish. I think it is made so well, and is so innovative–it is so worth buying as it will guarantee hours and hours of fun and adventure for the kids. Of course, I don’t have kids of my own yet, but if I did, this would be sitting in my living room for endless hours of play (I prefer this to what kids nowadays watch on TV, or even games on iPads–this is just more physical and fun, with endless possibilities). Any child would be lucky to have this at home!!

Check out these photos!

Tristan_Editorial_Cart with Chair Tristan_Editorial_Stairs 2 Tristan_Editorial_Cart 3 Tristan_Editorial_Slide 2 Tristan_Editorial_Boat without Wheels 4 Tristan_Editorial_Table 2 Tristan_Editorial_Slide 1 Tristan_Editorial_Boat with Wheels  Tristan_See Saw 2 Tristan_Boat with Wheels 2

(Press release) The Running Rabbits aims to produce toys that encourage children’s imagination. The designs of our furni-toys (furniture+toys) follow the tradition of playtime that encourage creativity in children – creativity that is only limited by the bounds of their imagination. With Running Rabbits’ toys, play becomes less of just an activity for entertainment and more of an educational experience. It is a chance for your child to create his/her own personal wonderland.

Furni-toys (furniture toys) by The Running Rabbits are meant to last a life-time. All designs and finishings have been meticulously considered to suit your home and lifestyle. They are meant to aesthetically complement your interiors while creating a haven for your children. All materials and production are 100% from the Philippines.

“Tristan”, our debut product, is a system designed as an innovative response to the need of a new interactive toy in the modern world. It is a system that allows itself to be adjusted and modified through simple mechanisms thus offering flexibility with its use. “Tristan” is a premium item made of quality materials that not only guarantees safe use for your child, but hours of fun as well.

“Tristan” is a table… a sea-saw… a cart… a boat… It is whatever your child wants it to be and more. It is not just a toy. It is a token of childhood.

  • Major pieces: (1) Chair and (1) Cart
  • Minor pieces: (2) Seats and (1) Table Top
  • Accessories: (1) Pole with Flag, (4) Wheels, (1) Rope
  • Dimensions: 44.00 L x 25.50 W x 27.25 H inches, 66.00 H inches with pole
  • Wood varnish finish.
  • Recommended for Ages 4+
  • Parental assistance is highly recommended when modifying the toy.
  • Made 100% in the Philippines.
  • Portion of sales will be donated to local orphanages.PHP 38,000 (includes taxes and complimentary shipping within Metro Manila)


For orders, contact:

Kirsten Brito, Founder and Head of Marketing of Logistics / +63.917.547.7836 /

Twitter & Instagram: _RunningRabbits

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