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My favorite cupcake place is now a bakery and café! Yes, MY LITTLE BUTTERCUP recently opened at SM City BF Parañaque and they’re now more than just cakes and cupcakes, they serve yummy food as well. I can only say, “its about time”! I’ve known the owners–husband and wife Victor and Ros Gelano–for years now and they are my dearest friends. And they also happen to be amazing chefs! Seriously, for so many years I would get crazy excited whenever I would visit them at home because I know I’d be eating delicious food (I think I’ve declared plenty of times how I wanted to live in their house haha). And now I can actually eat well without waiting to be invited (haha) because they FINALLY have a restaurant! And I must say, they have the perfect partnership, because when it comes to My Little Buttercup, Ros is the cupcake and cake expert and Victor is in charge of the all the dishes served in the cafe. So they pretty much have everything covered, and leave the enjoying-their-food part up to us.

20140129_114845Their lovely window display is really an attention-grabber. I swear, every other person that passes stops and stares at this display.

20140129_114857And for those of you who need customized cakes made, My Little Buttercup accepts orders! This birthday cake is the cutest–that’s their daughter’s name on the cake.

20140129_114833Their menu–I swear their food is super good and very reasonably priced. They are actually cheaper than other popular cafés/restaurants! 

P111078120140129_115438I brought Patty Laurel-Filart and her sister-in-law Cecil Filart to the lunch. Cecil also brought her mom and two kids–this little one is her youngest, Natalie. SO cute!

20140129_114732I really love their interiors! I mean, how cute are these pastel chairs?!

20140129_114713Yummy specials!

20140129_114938Inspirational quotes on cupcake/food can be found all around the resto. A reminder to EAT WELL and enjoy their food!

P1110807A group photo (clockwise from left) with Cecil, Ros, Victor and Ros’s daughter Sofia, Vic, me and Patty.

20140129_114652Pink lemonade and iced tea to start.

20140129_122903Pretty mommies and their adorable daughters.

20140129_120858CHORIZO DIP (P180). This cheesy dip is filled with chorizo and roaster pepper–best eaten with this crisp focaccia bread! This is Patty’s favorite btw! She kept raving about it.

20140129_120729MANGO, WALNUT & BLUE CHEESE SALAD (P224). I love salad, so this is a must for me! The crunchy greens go so well with candied walnuts, home-made herb croutons and blue cheese crumble, all topped with a sweet mango dressing. The candied walnuts were so yummy! I had to ask Vic how to make it!

20140129_121122PUMPKIN SOUP (P124). Another favorite! This creamy roasted pumpkin soup had a different spin to it–the secret (as I was told) is in the garlic and cheese added to the soup!

20140129_124423ANGUS BURGER (P345). This flame grilled 1/3 pound US Angus patty is something to get excited about. It was love at first bite for me. Delish! The patty is topped with cheese and served with a pail of seasoned fries.

20140129_124521A close up of the burger–this seriously means business! So good!

20140129_123206PARMESAN PESTO (P224). For pasta lovers–they have this awesome penne pasta tossed in extra virgin olive oil pesto and topped with parmesan cheese.

20140129_123825BABY BACK RIBS (P345). You really can’t go wrong with this! Slow-roasted hickory baby back ribs served with buttered veggies and a choice of garlic rice, steamed rice or seasoned fries.

20140129_132233COOKIE DOUGH (P240). And on to my fave part of the meal–dessert! This warm cookie dough brownie topped with vanilla ice cream was heavenly!

20140129_132533And more dessert! CUPCAKES galore to satisfy our sweet tooth! Fyi, their cupcakes are only P68, which is really super affordable for what it is. They are the best cupcakes, in my opinion!

20140129_132209(Clockwise from left) Chocolate Velvet, Reese’s Buttercup, and Hazelnut Truffle (made with Nutella).

P1110824Haha sweet tooth satisfied!

20140129_132323This is my favorite among all their cupcakes: RED VELVET!!! The best!

20140129_132144So much dessert for us to finish!

20140129_135007And we mustn’t forget their TEA! Victor insisted we try this, and I was like, no its okay. I was super full, but then I realized that was the best time to have tea, so I gave in. Best decision ever. This is the best tea I’ve EVER tasted (yes, EVER). Vic really made sure their tea was amazing and he really did find the best one!

 20140129_134220This is it! I love this flavour: it is infused with currant, caramel and citrus. No need to add sugar–it is good just on its own.

20140129_132450Our pot of tea that we finished in a hurry. Its the perfect match for cupcakes!

20140129_134127 I was already so happy with my tea that I declined Vic’s offer to try their FRENCH HOT CHOCOLATE, but Vic got it for us anyway. OMG. Seriously this is like the smoothest hot chocolate I have ever tried. It is milk chocolate, that I love, and the melted marshmallow is just the icing on the cake. It is a must-try in my book! I want to try the other flavors–they also have Hazelnut, Mint and Caramel Hot Chocolate!

 P1110798And the resto is kid-friendly!!! Ros and Vic set up this little nook for the little ones where they can color and play while watching a movie/cartoon. I don’t have kids yet but I really appreciate this. All restaurants should have this!


And of course, I just had to feature the star product that started it all–My Little Buttercup’s amazing cupcakes!  20140129_115208     20140129_115042        20140129_115109  20140129_115137            20140129_115122  20140129_115014    20140129_115000 20140129_115157    20140129_115034  20140129_115534MY LITTLE BUTTERCUP Bakery & Café is located at the second floor of SM City BF Parañaque. You may also visit their stalls (to get your cupcake fix) at South Supermarket Alabang and Makati Supermarket at Alabang Town Center.

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