Contest alert: Suiteblanco GCs to be won

I’m back!!! After a long absence (10 days is looooooong) I am back to blogging! Whew, I really really hope I can keep this up. I am looking at my schedule for May and oh my, I will be doing a LOT of travelling. Of course, I can’t complain because I am doing it all for TRENDING NOW, my lifestyle show on ANC (every Sunday at 9pm–plug, plug haha). I just need to find a way to balance hosting and blogging!!! (You can do this, Kelly!)

And what better way to get back to blogging than with a “suite” giveaway?! Yes, once again I am giving away a shopping spree worth P3,000 for Suiteblanco and this also includes an exclusive invite to Suiteblanco’s store opening in SM Mall of Asia and a chance to shop with me! I am so excited for this–here are the contest mechanics:

  1. The contest is done thru my Instagram account. If you’re not following me yet, check me out at @kellymisa. I am simply announcing the contest here in case any of you, my lovely readers, missed out on my IG post.
  1. You will have to regram Suiteblanco’s opening photo (again, its on my Instagram page) and tell me why you deserve to win a shopping spree. Don’t forget to tag @suiteblancoph, @themallofasiaofficial, and @kellymisa and use the hashtag #suiteshopping!
  1. My chosen winner will get a chance to win a shopping spree worth P3,000 with me, and get an exclusive invite to Suiteblanco’s opening on May 15.
  1. Contest runs from May 9 to 13. Ill be announcing the winner on the 13th!
  1. Day of Shopping spree is on May 15 at 2pm–this means you need to be available at this time and date to shop with me!
  1. Contest applies to Metro Manila residents only.

How fun, right?! Join now so we can go shop at Suiteblanco on May 15! 🙂 In the meantime, check out their latest collection/look book–their clothes are sooooo pretty! It is so worth joining this challenge! <3

SuiteBlanco-2014-Campaign-8 SuiteBlanco-2014-Campaign-10 SuiteBlanco-2014-Campaign-7 Suiteblanco_SS14_Campaign_Izabel_01

  1. Angel Guevarra Reply

    Hi Ms. Kelly Misa! I’ve sent an email to you. Please check it. Thanks!

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