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It was my first time to be at Boracay during Labor Day weekend. It was insane. People literally arrived in droves with one objective in mind: to party! Now, I’ve been to Boracay quite a number of times but somehow, this trip cannot be compared to any other time I’ve been there. For one, there were so many young people. Not that I’m old haha, but Boracay was teeming with 20-somethings it was fun and crazy and exciting. There were also countless events and parties happening all at the same time, which meant you can party from early afternoon to early morning the next day if you wanted.

Of course, I was there to cover NESTEA’s events and parties, which were enough to keep me busy. Nestea held a volleyball tournament, featuring the best colleges in the country. It was so exciting to watch! Nestea also had stations all over the island which served free iced tea, and even offered free massages and palaw rides. They also organized a super fun yacht party, with The Zombettes and DJ Callum David on board, who played awesome music the entire day. And at night, they threw the best parties: they brought in DJs Cedric Gervais and Steve Aoki, who each played amazing sets on two consecutive nights. It really was an unforgettable trip! Until next year!

IMG_9296This was one of the many Nestea booths in the island that gave away free iced tea.

IMG_9336Nestea’s headquarters: Crystal Sand. They had a registration booth right beside the hotel–you can get free massages and paraw rides, all you had to do is register.

IMG_9396Of course, I had to try out the paraw ride.

IMG_9347This was so fun, I haven’t ridden one in years!

IMG_9349The other side of the paraw.

IMG_9369With Marianne of Nuffnang and photographer Ronan who was kind enough to shoot a few of my OOTDs during this trip.


IMG_9398After a shower, we grabbed some dinner.

IMG_9412With Ateneo volleyball player and host Gretchen Ho.

IMG_9408One of many Nestea parties that weekend.

IMG_9418With Gretchen Ho and host Sam YG.

IMG_9406Another photo with Gretchen and her pretty mom.

IMG_9429The next day we all got together for this fun yacht party! Im with fashion bloggers Robbie Becroft, David Guison, Lissa Kahayon and Vern Enciso.

IMG_9441The Zombettes.

 IMG_9447Bloggers all around haha.

IMG_9446Boat party.

IMG_9449Another one with the group.

IMG_9456We went island hopping as part of our itinerary. This was at Crystal Cove (haha the name is on the signage).

 IMG_9588The next day we visited my favorite restaurant in Boracay, Steakhouse Boracay.

IMG_9601This isn’t steak haha, its pork chops! And this is only one order, so Carlos and I shared. Yum!

IMG_9591Our view.

IMG_0152I could look at this all day.

IMG_0064Watching the sunset with Carlos.

IMG_0258Mentos cloud.

IMG_0313Cotton candy streaked sky.

IMG_0309Pretty colors.


IMG_0076Ahhh lobster!

IMG_0112 2At the Cedric Gervais party that night.

IMG_0094It was packed.

IMG_0120Insane party.

IMG_0136Later on, it got crazier.

                         IMG_0213Our last day–finally got some R&R.

           IMG_0025The famous Boracay sunset.


 IMG_0071I heart Boracay.



  1. Sheila Mae Reply

    Hi Ms. Kelly,

    This is my first time to comment. I’ve been a regular reader of your blog. May I know what camera are you using? Thanks.


    P.S you are sooooo beautiful and lovely 🙂

    1. kellymisa Reply

      Hi Sheila! Thank you for reading my blog! I use a Canon 100D–its one of the smallest D-SLRs but it takes great photos. 🙂

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