MAC A/W 2014-15 Trends Presentation


Beauty is individuality. These are words I am left with after seeing the latest trends from MAC Autumn/Winter 2014-15 collection. The makeup brand is known for its fashion-forward makeup, and this coming season is no different. The focus is on one’s self, and how we choose to wear makeup. It’s all about makeup that fits your personality and style. It seems we can apply it any way we want and still look on-trend.  It’s about confident subtlety–wearing unexpected colors and tones, opting for different kinds of texture, and experimenting with makeup placements.

The four trends to watch are: OFF COLOUR, classic tones with a dirty edge to become new neutrals; STREAMLINED, using different strokes to widen the eye; ON REFLECTION, exploring shine and how it translates on skin; and UNPROCESSED, or makeup that mimics skin but remains pure and authentic. These really are super exciting trends to get into. The beauty is, we can interpret these however way we want. We are in full control of how we style ourselves, which is the very thing that makes this so modern. It seems there is no wrong way to do makeup, as we take inspiration from these trends.

I had a lovely time, as always. MAC invites us beauty editors to these twice a year and they always bring in amazing artists from all over the world to speak and do demos for us. This season it was Canadian senior makeup artist Caitlin Callahan who presented the trends. I learned so much from her–she taught us new ways to wear makeup (concealer on the lips, lipstick on the cheeks) and not wear makeup this season (it seems we can skip the eyebrows and lashes–it just looks more modern this way). I am going to talk about this more in my beauty column this Friday (to be published here on Saturday). In the meantime, here are photos from the event.

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  1. nidhikrishnan Reply

    great post and great pictures! making me excited 🙂 please check out my new skincare series on my blog it explores skin from a scientific perspective discussing skin types, common skin concerns and how to develop a skincare regime to suit you! it also goes into the science of you skin and skin products xox your local bohemian

    1. kellymisa Reply

      Thanks for checking out my blog! And will do! 🙂

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