My #JourneyToHappiness


If you’ve been following me on Instagram, then you must have seen my #MyJourneyToHappiness posts. It was a month-long campaign (powered by Enervon) that helped me get closer to reaching my happy goal: to spend more time with my family and friends. I did this by uploading photos of myself hanging out with my husband and dog, with my family and my closest friends. These were automatically linked to Enervon’s site: thru my Instagram account. I wasn’t sure at first if joining the campaign would even have an effect on my life, but you know what, it created something good and positive. Taking photos somehow pushed me to make time for my loved ones, and not just to take photos, but to really spend quality time with them. It was a conscious effort to reconnect with the people who matter, and I loved every bit of it.

You see, for a few months my relationships seemed to have taken a backseat because of work (especially when I was travelling for Trending Now). I rarely saw my friends and family, and I only got to spend time with my husband and dog when I was home from my trips which was three days in a week. I didn’t think much of it at first, but after a few weeks it began to take its toll on me. I felt sad and lonely, even if I always had people around me. And I started missing out on important events and felt bad I couldn’t be there. Life really is all about balance, you can’t be all work and no play (or relationships). You begin to feel like something is missing, and no amount of work or money can ever fill that void. And so I spent the entire month making plans with my girl friends, making sure I had dinners with my family on Sundays, while allowing ample couch time with my husband and walk time with Lily, my dog. This was such a great experience as I was able to connect with the people who matter the most in my life. And in the end I couldn’t be happier.

The cool part about this campaign was that Enervon categorized life goals into four types: Journey to Career Growth (get promoted, start a business), Journey to Fitness (lose/gain weight, get into a healthy lifestyle), Journey to Love (this was my goal–spend time with family and friends), and Journey to Expression (be a singer/chef/artist). This gave everyone a chance to join, as of course, we all have our goals and priorities to make our lives better and happier. It was so easy to be part of this: after registering on the site, you link all your Instagram posts to the website by adding @enervonph and hashtag #journeytohappiness on the post, then you’re on your way to making your life better and happier! I think this is something we should all practice in order to create balance in our lives. When it comes to our goals, we should push ourselves to do better every day. It wont hurt to document your progress too, this will help keep you going and inspire you to do your best.

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