Belo Baby Journey to Happiness

I am so amazed at how much Tristan has grown in a span of 10 months. From a tiny, helpless baby he has turned into a sweet, eager-to-learn tot. We can already see his personality as early as now, and we feel incredibly lucky that we are around to witness every mini milestone and development. Of course, as working parents, Carlos and I really made it a point to spend time with our little guy, so we bring him with us everywhere (we’ve never left him at home alone with the yaya). It has been difficult so far, I’m not going to lie, but our bond is unlike any other so we know it is all worth it.
My husband and I were talking the other day, and we kind of assessed the past 10 months and how we transitioned into being an easy-going married couple to the kind of parents we are to Tristan. There has definitely been A LOT of changes in our household since our baby came into our lives, but our hearts are full and we have so much to be thankful for. We now find joy in the little things. We’ve realized that the everyday mundane things are what make up 80% of our day and if we are happy during these times, then we are happy! So its finding joy in changing diapers, feeding our baby, giving him a bath and grooming him–these are things we wont have a chance to do in the future so we have to cherish them.
Bath time is Tristan’s bonding time with his dad, while applying lotion and dressing up is his time with mommy. I’m not sure if Tristan will remember these things when he grows up, but I know it will build the foundation of love and trust between parent and child. He will remember the warmth of our touch, how secure he feels being carried by mommy and daddy, and all the happy moments when we just burst out laughing. Hay, writing this makes me want to stop blogging and join Tristan and his dad playing in the living room.
Every parent knows what I am talking about, which is why they can totally relate to this happy video by Belo Baby. It is starring the ever adorable Scarlet Snow, the daughter or Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho. As you know, Tristan has become one of the ambassadors of this brand along with his buddies Theo, Alonzo and Luis and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Belo Baby. If you haven’t tried it yet, I’ve written a review on these products so you can learn more about it (you can read it HERE). Or you can join Belo Baby’s super fun CONTEST!!!
All you have to do is:
(1)  post the most creative and memorable shots of your baby in Instagram with his/her favorite Belo Baby product
(2) use the hashtag #BeloBaby and tag @belobabylove
(3) do this all before June 3, which is the end of the contest
Three lucky winners will be chosen to win Belo Baby products plus a special photo session with your baby! FOLLOW @belobabylove to get more updates and information!

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