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Surely you’ve passed by MYTH Lifestyle‘s Greenbelt 5 store before. It’s hard to miss. It is one of the few stores that carries designer clothes in ready-to-wear sizes. In a lot of ways, this store is heaven-sent, especially for fashion-forward individuals who want to support and wear Philippine fashion but don’t have the time to have a design made for a specific occasion. While it is quite special to have a dress custom-made by your favorite designer, not all of us have the luxury of time to go through the process of consultation, fitting and final fitting. Sometimes the idea of buying something off the rack is more appealing, especially when you don’t have to sacrifice design, fit and custom detail. And when it comes to price, well, there is an actual price tag to look at so you wont get shocked after you get your dress. Lets make this clear though that this wont happen if you talk to your designer about price and budget from the start. But I can imagine it can happen to some people.

MYTH Lifestyle invited a few fashion editors and bloggers to view their newest collection called Organika: Hopeless Romantic. The collection was born out of the direction of designer Randy Ortiz to represent a woman’s ethereality and innocence in this fast-changing world. A roster of veteran and celebrated Filipino designers showcased a fresh, inspiring collection that falls under this theme.

IMG_6253Some of the stunning designs on display at MYTH Lifestyle Store.

IMG_6260Detail shot: each dress is unique and special.

IMG_6259Beautiful designs you wont find in any RTW/fast-fashion store.

IMG_6258Lace and gingham.

IMG_6244Clean classic lines by Randy Ortiz.

IMG_6237Intricate detail work by Mark Tamayo.

IMG_6240Bold jewel tones by Chris Diaz.

IMG_6235Beadwork by Mark Tamayo.

IMG_6271Elegant pieces by Pablo Cabahug.

IMG_6249Fun, quirky designs by Noel Crisostomo.

IMG_6248Dresses you can wear at any age by Joel Escober.

IMG_6242Love this ball gown by Chris Diaz.

IMG_6265MYTH Lifestyle also carries one of a kind accessories. This necklace is a standout piece.

IMG_6266They also carry men’s shoes.

IMG_6269Bejewelled belts.

IMG_6261More unique pieces.

IMG_6282Anna Sobrepena tries on one of Mark Tamayo’s dresses.

IMG_6286Bianca Valerio hosted this intimate event.

IMG_6272With MYTH designer Chris Diaz, StyleBible’s Isha Andaya-Valles, COO of Shop Manila (the company behind MYTH Lifestyle) Ruby Gan and Edwin Ao, the only designer in MYTH that caters to men.




MYTHThe Organika: Hopeless Romantic collection. 

Noel-Crisostomo-for-MYTHNoel Crisostomo. 

After being named the “best new Canadian designer”, Noel has had success in re-establishing his name and brand since his return in 2007.

Chris-Diaz-for-MYTHChris Diaz.

Featured as Mega Magazine’s Young Designer finalist back in 2002, his romantic creations reached international fame as he joined Concours International des Jeunes Creatures de’ Mode, Accessories Division last 2005.

Pablo-Cabahug-for-MYTHPablo Cabahug. 

Mastering and being inspired by the female form, Pablo Cabahug has created pieces that are easy to adore, leading to his being named 2011 SM Global Pinoy Awardee as well as LOOK of Style Awards’ Designer of the Year.



Joel Escober. 

Another of MYTH Lifestyle’s in-house designers, Joel’s trademark is the application of heavy textures and bold embellishments achieved through his masterful execution of pleating and appliqué work.

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