TW Steel Slim Collection

TW-SteelThe new TW Steel Slim Collection: These are priced at P18,000 (for steel bezel with leather straps), P21,000 (for gold plated bezel with leather straps and steel bracelet watches) and P26,000 (for gold plated steel bracelet watches). 

When it comes to watches, TW Steel is pretty much a household name. It is known for its oversized watches, a signature design that made the brand recognizable from a mile away. But just when you think you’ve seen all that TW Steel has to offer, the Dutch watch company launches its Slim Collection. Sleek, sophisticated and sexy, these watches quickly got on my ‘must-have list’. Its designs are classic and elegant, yet it still looks modern and updated. My favorite one is the TW1306, which is the all steel bracelet watch with the steel face. It’s a great everyday watch, and you wont break the bank purchasing it.

At the TW Steel Slim Collection launch, three endorsers were introduced: James Younghusband, Nico Bolzico and Sebastian Ripoll. These three dashing men seem to be the perfect representatives for the brand, as they are able to successfully balance business and sports with their happy personal lives. James Younghusband, as we know, is a celebrated football player and right midfielder for the Philippine Azkals, and also spearheads the Younghusband Football Academy. Nico Bolzico, on the other hand, is a successful and well-travelled economist who is also a polo aficionado when he’s not dressed in his bespoke suits. He is also the longtime boyfriend of singer/actress/host Solenn Heussaff, which explains why he looks incredibly familiar–you’ve seen him on Solenn’s Instagram photos! Lastly, Sebastian Ripoll is an accomplished strength and conditioning coach, and also works as a producer for a documentary series with ABS-CBN called Team U.

IMG_5647IMG_5661IMG_5659Here they are: TW Steel Slim Collection endorsers, Sebastian Ripoll, James Younghusband and Nico Bolzico.

IMG_5636It was my first time to eat at Black Sheep, so I really didn’t know what to expect. Their menu didn’t give anything away. In case you didn’t know (like me), Black Sheep is a modern gastronomy restaurant and single malt whisky bar headed by Chef Jordy Navarra.

IMG_5629And so this was my appetizer called Chicken N Egg. I wasn’t sure what this was at first so I asked. As explained, this is a chicken wing glazed in dark beer, salmon roe and orange & Cointreau foam. Interesting. The salty salmon roe was overpowering, but overall it was a tasty introduction to a different kind of lunch.

IMG_5632This really got me confused. I didn’t now what I was eating, so I checked the menu: it said Longganisa. Where? I felt like I was eating mango ice cream with pork flakes. Well, that’s one thing that was described right–the pork flakes. The black rice I hardly saw, but I’m sure that was deliberate. I’m still confused about this right now, but at least I can say I tried it.

IMG_5639This one I liked: 36-Hour Pork and Free Range Chicken. It was delicious, but seriously it wasn’t enough for lunch. I wanted more of this but of course, I couldn’t demand for another plate. I can eat 5 of these, only because this is served in bite-size portions. The pork was soft and tender, and its flavor was sweet and salty. This was really yummy. The chicken had an interesting taste, but also very good as well. Lots of spices and flavors happening here.

IMG_5655That’s where my meal ended. I took a bite of this dish called Cigar, and I had to push it away. I hate the smell of cigarettes/cigars and this really tasted like a cigar. I was astonished how this could be a treat for some people, but I guess it depends on whether or not you like cigars/cigarettes. This was too out-there for me. I still prefer good ol’ chocolate cake as my dessert.

IMG_5690I was happy to see my friend Joei at the event. We talked about marriage and kids and other girly things at the event. Joei has a food blog called, be sure to visit! Oh here we are with the three handsome endorsers.

IMG_5686We fit the watches and fell in love! IMG_5697With TW Steel’s Dawn Dacanay.

TW Steel is available at the following TW Steel Boutiques (The Podium, Marquee Mall, Shangri-La Plaza, SM Mega Fashion Hall, SM Aura Premier, Century City Mall, SM City North Edsa), Lucerne, Chronos, Swissgear, WristPod, Adora, and Le Temps.

  1. secretwalangclue Reply

    so, was that Longganisa? looks like yogurt. im also confused. i laughed at ‘ I felt like I was eating mango ice cream with pork flakes’ 🙂

    1. kellymisa Reply

      I have no idea. I think it might have been deconstructed longganisa hahaha. It was an interesting experience. 🙂

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