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Another weekend of fun in the sun. <3

Nails: I Do Nails // Bag: Lagu // Temporary Tatoos: Tit For Tat and GSpark Tattoos

  1. Rose Perez (@esoradiam) Reply

    New reader here. Lily is sooo adorbs! I love how she really know how to pose for photos. I have dogs myself (4 aspins) and we consider them part of the family already. 🙂

    1. kellymisa Reply

      Welcome! I’m glad you stumbled upon my blog. 😄 Yes Lily knows how to pose for the camera! She’s been posing since she was a puppy hehehe. 💗 Glad to have met another dog lover!

  2. secretwalangclue Reply

    is it difficult to bring Lily on long road trips?

    1. kellymisa Reply

      At first it was because she wasn’t used to riding a car. But in time she learned and now she loves riding cars! We also leave late at night para no traffic. It helps! 😊

      1. secretwalangclue Reply

        i see, thanks Kelly! my dog is always makulit inside the car, that’s why we always walk going to the park. Added exercise, which is nice 🙂

        but if long road trips, it might be very difficult =/

        1. kellymisa Reply

          Try walking your dog before a long road trip! That might help relax him/her. 👍

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