Tricks of the Trade: Fight frizz without losing your curls

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HI, KELLY! I’m just a typical college student, so every time I go to school I always tie my hair into a ponytail. Sometimes I braid it, but I never let it loose. I’m not confident enough because I know it’ll end up just being buhaghag. Some of my friends say I should try to keep my hair down because I have beautiful, natural, wavy curls, but the thought of having it buhaghag always gets in the way. Is there any hair treatment that can lessen the buhaghag without losing my curls? Thank you. JEANNE

Another term for buhaghag hair is frizziness, and for lots of us, this is a hair problem we have to deal with pretty much every day. No thanks to our humid, tropical climate, many hair types become difficult to control, especially wavy and curly hair. What happens is, the moisture in the air causes hair to expand and lengthen, preventing it from drying into the shape we desire. In turn, hair becomes poofy and can be a challenge to style. What you need for your naturally wavy hair are products and treatments that will not only nourish and moisturize your hair, but will also seal its cuticles in order to prevent humidity from seeping into hair strands. Luckily, there are many ways to fight frizz, and they don’t have to be costly. Try these effective anti-frizz treatments.

Switch to a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. It may not seem like much, but finding an emollient shampoo and conditioner can really bring your tresses back to life. It works by weighing down hair and giving each strand a silky coat. This part is even more crucial if your hair has been chemically damaged, as hair will need to constantly replenish its lost moisture. Damaged hair loses its ability to retain moisture, causing it to have a very dry and dull texture. Try: TRESemmé Smooth & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner.

Wash your hair with cold water. Do you ever wonder why some salons wash off conditioner from your hair using cold water? That is to close your hair cuticles and prevent humid or hot air from being absorbed by your hair. Try this at home and you’ll see that, after rinsing your hair with cold water, it will be easier to style and will look shinier, too.

Use a leave-in conditioner. Using another conditioner may seem redundant, but in your case, stocking up on moisturizing hair products can give your hair the results you want. A dollop of leave-in conditioner will work as an additional barrier against frizziness, and will keep hair smooth and nourished. If you have the time, I suggest you go for a weekly hot-oil treatment. This will really help keep hair soft, shiny and healthy. Try: Dove Nutri-Oil Serum.

Try Steampod. Once in a while, we need to go to a salon and get a proper blow-dry. Consider this as a treat to yourself when you need to look fab. Personally, I like getting one before an important meeting or event. It really helps, as it gives me the extra confidence I need throughout the day. But as much as I like getting a blow-dry, I think I prefer this treatment even more. The Steampod Keratin Steam Care Service works by depositing much-needed pro-keratin into your hair using a high-pressure steam. This steam gently opens the cuticle to deliver its treatment into the core of the hair, and smoothens it by sealing the cuticle. It uses heat, but does not damage hair or cause heat shock. The keratin component in the treatment is what makes this so special because it contains incell to help strengthen the hair’s fiber, nutri-cationic agents to bring it back to life, and pro-keratin to reconstruct the hair’s structure. The best part: This may be the only keratin hair treatment that is 100-percent formaldehyde-free, which means you won’t be exposed to dangerous fumes that can lead to serious health issues. In your case, this treatment may work as you have the option of shiny, straight hair or smooth and wavy tresses. Its anti-frizz, smoothing effect can last up to three days, depending on your hair type. Using its X-tenso Care will help extend its effects and prevent hair breakage and dryness.


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