Ladies, we have a brand new website to stalk, and it is a one-stop shop for all things BEAUTY! It’s called CALYXTA ( and it is an online and mobile shopping platform that offers amazing (and hard-to-find) beauty care products. The site is a haven for cosmetics, skincare and hair care brands, and since I am a certified beauty addict, you can say I am all kinds of excited about this. I am so happy to learn about these cult favorite brands and products (that are only available through Calyxta), and see how its resident experts use these products.

I browsed through Calyxta when it went live on December 1 and I found myself happily clicking away, as I looked through their beauty stories and watched makeup how-to videos. I love their collection of beauty products at the store, as they aren’t the typical brands you see in every beauty counter. I am obsessed with discovering new and effective products so this was extra exciting for me. I like that Calyxta is basically an online community of beauty junkies (like myself), where you’re allowed to obsess about products and share beauty stories while you shop. The site actually has forums where you can exchange experiences, ideas and tips!

The team is composed of Erica Paredes, who is Calyxta’s Editor-in-Chief and Sales & Marketing Director; Dane Gonzalez, Creative Director and Marketing Manager; Alfonso de Dios, CEO; Noonee de Dios, COO; and Cess Ocampo, Administrative and Technical Support. The site also has an impressive list of contributors like Cat Juan-Ledesma, Alyanna Martinez, Amanda Padilla and Xeng Zulueta, who will be giving us beauty tips and tricks while guiding us on which products to buy.

Check out the photos from the launch, and don’t forget to log on to!!!


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