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swarovskiHere it is: the perfect Christmas gift for the ladies in your life (or for yourself–quick, add this to your wish list). A watch is definitely a valuable and meaningful gift, at the same time, it is also functional and beautiful. It is something that can be worn all-year round, and for years to come, especially if its design is well-suited to its wearer. I couldn’t be more excited about these gorgeous watches from my favorite brand: Swarovski. They are elegant and sophisticated, and they resonate quiet luxury, which is what a watch should be.

For Swarovski’s line up for 2014, beauty is in full bloom with classic shapes and contemporary color-ways, commemorating the grandeur of history with the cutting-edge motion of today. Found in the wrists of the country’s most assiduous creative spirits, the up-to-the-minute Swarovski timepiece collection counts the ways to constant inspiration, the balance of personal passions and professional pursuits, and the continuous quest for development its ambassadors ever imbibe.


Known for celebrating the female form with clothing tailored off the tasteful contrast of archetypal and forward-looking cuts, Vania Romoff has built a clothing empire that is draped on the modern woman and her multiple choices. “My taste dictates my work. I personally avoid anything that calls for attention. Subtlety to me is important and real luxury is in the details,” Romoff explains.

A stroke of genius for Vania Romoff, the Swarovski Piazza Mini is a study in design metaphor, where its diminutive frame encapsulates a larger than life existence. Its flawless crystal mesh strap—a binding of finely cut crystals set on leather strap —holds a delicate face crowned with the graceful swan and topped with a crisp cabochon, resulting in a look that is feminine and fragile, yet one with a great hold of existence.


For Parsons-graduate and Paris-trained furniture and interior designer Jessica Kienle, form should not follow function; they both should be in the same plane. “I have always been attracted to simple and clean lines, and I always think of functionality and practicality first when designing. And this is also the case with my own fashion sense and style. Comfort is key,” says Kienle.

Equal parts sport and elegance, the Octea Classica is a practice in neatness and refinance, from its delicate rose-gold case down to its tasteful leather or stainless steel strap. The main focal point of the timepiece is a beautifully adorned pave circle face decked with sheer Swarovski brilliance. “The Octea Classica is an elegant and feminine watch. It can be worn to all kinds of occasions, be it to work, dinner or a night out. It is perfect for me as I am always on the go, and it is a piece of accessory that I can wear throughout the day. It is stylish and refined, which makes it a timeless piece,” Kienle observes.



When blurring the lines between visual language and poetry, Maxine Syjuco sees it as a performance in transcending cultures, time zones, and boundaries, perhaps inspired by her infinite travels or an excellent resource of personal experiences.“The process of experimentation deeply fascinates me. I love experimenting with all kinds of materials. I love being surprised by the final outcome— each one a new and unique experience. To me, art should never be stagnant or predictable. Art is about discovery, and mixed-media art allows me to discover the multitude of possibilities that every object can offer,” Maxine explains. This rather eclectic seize for the creative life’s aspects showcase Maxine Syjuco’s grasp on her choice of watches.

 For her day to day, Maxine turns to the duo of the Swarovski Citra Sphere and the Citra Sphere Chrono for her casual timekeeping. “Both the Swarovski Citra Sphere and Citra Sphere Chrono are breathtakingly gorgeous timepieces. For me, the importance of a watch is found in what it represents: a love of tradition. Through Swarovski’s Citra line, the promise of tradition is preserved without compromising the look and needs of today’s modern woman,” says Maxine Syjuco.


Not all that glitters is gold, in Michelline Syjuco’s mind, sometimes they are mystical forms and sculptural manifestations of her untamed imaginings. “My personal style is classic yet edgy, avant-garde yet tasteful. I like to mix and match unlikely materials in my pieces. I think my style definitely emanates in my designs because this is my personal aesthetic,” shares Michelline Syjuco. Womanly traits of empowering sensuality and commanding sultriness are commonplace in her one-off jewelries, where the female is found limitless in style and expression when found wearing Michelline’s pieces.

A commanding display in freedom and insouciance, the Swarovski Lovely Crystals features a clear case that comes with 16 moving Zirconia stones that capture both moments and movement in a whole new light. This display of joie de vivre and carefree elegance has captured Maxine Syjuco’s imagination, while the watch’s two new hues of deep aubergine and luminous light gold with mother of pearl dial paints a picture of vivacious versatility to Michelline’s daily wardrobe.


Swarovski Timepieces are available at Century City Mall, Lucerne in Glorietta 4 and Shangri-La Mall, Chronos in Alabang Town Center, SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, and Robinson’s Place Ermita, Swiss Gear in Greenbelt 1, SM Lanang, and SM Clark.

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