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For many of us, Mandaue Foam will always be about quality mattresses. And for good reason–the brand has been around for more than 40 years, with most of its years dedicated to manufacturing foam. Things have drastically changed for the Cebu-based company in the recent years though, as Mandaue Foam began venturing into a wider range of product lines that include pillows, sofas, dining tables, bed frames, and other home items. Today it is one of the country’s top 1000 corporations and has over 19 factories and showrooms nationwide. Pretty impressive.

But what I love most about Mandaue Foam is that they are open to making customized furniture. This is perfect for anyone who has a specific design or look in mind, but cannot seem to find what they want anywhere. You can have furniture made according to that design in your head, or that photo of a sofa set that’s pinned to your mood board. Or you can choose a model you like at their showroom and tweak it according to the look you want. You can select from their wide array of fabric, wood or leather, and change practically everything, from its color, tone, and measurements. Those who have limited space (or a huge space they want to fill up) can really benefit from this, because furniture is made to suit your space! This is such a great option, and you wont find it anywhere else.

I was definitely impressed when I visited its factory/showroom along Ortigas Avenue Extension, because it was so complete! It was fully equipped with a state-of-the-art foaming machine line. And everywhere I looked I saw so many great options for decorating every room in my home at amazingly affordable prices. You really can’t beat the value for money here, because you get high quality furniture at super competitive prices.

So Mandaue Foam recently launched its #MFLifestyle campaign and I got invited to design my own space! This was so up my alley, as my dream is to have free reign to design a room according to how I want it, and with unlimited budget to boot. I decorated my home office, which I’ve really been meaning to work on since we moved to our three-bedroom townhouse. And ta-daaaah! Here it is: I am actually very pleased with the way it turned out, as the big pieces, like the L-shaped desk and the cabinets behind it are super functional and useful. It prevents clutter, as each thing has a place and can be neatly tucked away into its drawers. I also like the little seating area by the desk, as I can work and entertain at the same time. It’s clean, functional and stylish–just how a home office space should look like.


Mandaue Foam also tapped other stylish ambassadors to design and decorate their own space. I have to admit, it was so much fun to see the personalities of each celebrity through the rooms they designed. From visiting each room, I found pieces I liked but in a different color or fabric. There were so many things I wanted–check out these showrooms. #MFLifestyle definitely has A LOT to offer!

RYN_0045Newly-wed Saab Magalona and her earth-toned living room. Saab talked about having to make compromises with her husband when it came to decorating. With this space though, she didn’t have to do much compromising and both she and her husband loves the way it looks.

IMG_9732This living room is by Mylene Dizon, who’s a single mom with two boys. She needed a place where the boys can play and make a mess (without looking messy), and at the same time look pretty because its her space too.

IMG_9733This bachelor’s pad is Sam YG’s–its his version of 50 Shades of Gray.

RYN_9849A man cave that’s stylish and sexy.

IMG_9738This bedroom was designed by Phil Younghusband, who’s also a bachelor. It has a monochromatic theme that looks young and modern.

IMG_9741This pretty living space was designed by Nicole Andersson. It is girly and sweet with pops of color here and there.

Photo-2-24-15-4And lastly, this dining area was decorated by Kryz Uy, who was able to balance style and comfort in one space.

Photo-2-24-15-5I really love these leather dining chairs!

IMG_9750With the one of the hosts of the event, Tessa Prieto-Valdes. 

IMG_9755My longtime friends from the industry, Mika Lagdameo-Martinez and Ria Prieto.

IMG_9766With Cat Arambulo-Antonio and Princess Violago.

IMG_9752With my sister-in-law, Bianca Fernandez and Mika.

IMG_9776Isabel Roces-Trebol, Mika, Ria, Bianca and I.

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