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My nails are stained yellow from wearing nail polish. Is there a way to remove this?

No doubt, dark-color nail polish can look chic. The problem is that it can leave a nasty yellowish tint on your nails, especially when you leave the polish on too long. This can be particularly bothersome when you’re in between polishes (our nails also need to rest), or if you want to wear a light shade of polish. 

Before hiding the stain with more of your dark nail polish (which may ultimately make matters worse), try these easy tricks:

Mix a few drops of fresh lemon juice with ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide in a bowl. Dip two to three cotton balls in the mixture and rub it on your nails until the stain is removed. Also, invest in base coat when doing your nails (or request for it at your local nail salon). This will help prevent your dark polish from staining your nails.

My lips are always dry and cracked. Can you give me tips on how to make them smooth and moisturized?

This has always been my constant problem. Dry, flaky lips look terrible any way you put it—and don’t even attempt to peel off the skin (ouch!) or apply lipstick on it. The best way to get smooth, pretty lips is to start the night before. After brushing your teeth, use your wet toothbrush to gently slough away the dry skin on your lips.

Then apply a generous amount of petroleum jelly or moisturizing lip conditioner (it is best to stay away from the flavored ones) and leave it on as you sleep. In the morning you’ll find that your lips are plump, moisturized and smooth. Continue applying lip conditioner throughout the day, and stay hydrated. (This is likely the reason why your lips are dry.)

How do I remove white deodorant stains on my clothes?

White deodorant stains on your clothes can be very annoying, especially when you’re in a hurry, or when you don’t discover it right away. This can be especially apparent when we wear dark-color or form-fitting clothes. It can also be bothersome to keep changing clothes when we see a trail of white streaks on our favorite dress. There must be an easier solution. Most deodorant stains come off when you rub the fabric against itself. But if it doesn’t budge, spray the area with a little fabric refresher (like Febreeze); if you don’t have it on hand, water will do the trick.

Just make sure you have a way to dry the spot—a blow-dryer will do, or if you’re in a public comfort room, a hand dryer can help. One way to avoid having white spots on your clothes is to switch to a deodorant with an invisible solid formulation. Or it might be that you apply too much deodorant on your underarms (one layer of the stuff is quite enough); so apply less or remember to pat your underarms with a towel before putting on your clothes.

Is there a way to lessen the scent of my perfume when I’ve sprayed on too much?

While it may smell sweet and sexy from the bottle, sometimes perfume can be a little overwhelming when we spray too much. The last thing we want is a cloud of strong fragrance to follow us everywhere we go—it is the wrong way to grab people’s attention, and we are likely to get dizzy ourselves from the strong scent. A way to tone down a heavy scent without having to shower or change clothes is to apply fragrance-free lotion on your skin. Lotion helps neutralize the fragrance, and will absorb the perfume oils in your skin.

Another way is by dabbing your skin with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol. This has the same effect, as alcohol dilutes the fragrance oils and dries up skin, so perfume has nothing to grab on. But if you’ve already stepped out of the house and have no access to lotion or alcohol, use a couple of sheets of baby wipes to help lessen the scent.

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