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HAPPY SKIN has come a long way since they launched a year and a half ago. The local makeup brand (founded by Jacqe Yuengtian-Gutierrez and Rissa Mananquil-Trillo) has been making huge milestones, launching one collection after the other and including new products to their impressive roster (they just launched an incredible primer and mascara).

I personally LOVE their lippies called Shut Up And Kiss Me–they glide so well and deposit plenty of color without drying out lips. I have ALL the colors, from easy nudes to punchy pinks to sultry reds! Another favorite of mine is the Lip And Cheek Mousse, which I wear when I don’t want to apply any makeup on. This wonder product doesn’t immediately dry on contact, but allows you to blend the mousse into your skin until you get a natural flush of color on your cheeks. It leaves a powdery finish, and when used on lips becomes silky matte (again without drying lips).

That is why I was SO HAPPY when I found out Happy Skin was launching a Spring collection called Beauty In Bloom, and it includes a gorgeous collection of my favorite products, plus powder blushers and as I mentioned earlier, a primer and mascara. Clearly, I wasn’t the only one excited about this because the prettiest ladies in the industry all showed up at the launch, eager to try their latest products.

I arrived with hardly any makeup on, except for my favorite Lip And Cheek Mousse, which was fine because Jacqe and Rissa tapped two of the best makeup artists to demonstrate how to use their newest products. They are, of course, Jigs Mayuga and Lourd Ramos. I went to Jigs, who showed me the new Insta Beauty Blur Cream Primer Foundation. All he did was apply it on my face and I was sold. It is one of the best primers I’ve tried, and since it is a primer and foundation in one, it is really all I need (I don’t even have to apply powder after). It is actually a correcting product enriched with anti-aging ingredients like retinol and peptides, collagen-boosting vitamin C, and skin-protecting vitamin E. The product leaves a matte, powdery finish and just melts into your skin, creating a flawless effect. I love this product, and I didn’t leave the event without it.

The Eye Am The One Holy Grail Mascara in Perfect Black is another new addition to the permanent collection. It is a high-performing mascara that can also be effortlessly removed with warm water (WIN). No need to struggle with eye makeup removers and oils for this one!

The Beauty in Bloom collection was just so pretty and fresh. They make great additions to any makeup kit, because they are so wearable. Happy Skin’s Shut Up and Kiss Me Moisturising Lippie came in two shades in the collection: Bride-to-Be, which lends rosy pink color, and Hold My Hand which is a nude mauve shade. For the Lip and Cheek Mousse, Happy Skin made a version of last year’s Summer Crush and The Morning After from their lippie range.  And the Get Cheeky with Me 2-in-1 Blush now has two amazing pink and peach shades, that were both made to flatter all skin tones.

This is definitely a collection to stalk! Happy Skin is available at Rustan’s Makati and Shangri-La, Beauty Bar, Plains & Prints, The SM Store Makati and Mall of Asia, and Watsons Mall of Asia.











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