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I have to admit, I never seriously thought about the specifics of giving birth, up until I reached my third trimester. Looking back, this sounds crazy. Not knowing my choices can be a scary thing, and the last thing I want when it’s my time to give birth is to not know what is going on. It’s no wonder why the very thought of it scared me (which is probably why I refused to think about it in the first place). I didn’t know a thing about birthing, other than you check in the hospital and come out with a baby. I didn’t think it was up to me to decide whether I should have a normal or cesarean delivery, or that gentle, natural birthing was even an option. I assumed the best way to do it is the “normal” way, which is at the hospital and all decisions are made by doctors.

Well, in case you didn’t know (like me), there are other ways to give birth. As I learned at this workshop, a gentle, natural birthing is an option to consider, and you can do this at home or at a birthing center. Of course, you will need to get educated first, and would have to consult with a midwife, doula and doctor (your OB-GYNE has to be supportive). You will also need to prepare yourself mentally, physically and spiritually, since this is a different birthing journey, with the most beautiful and enlightening results. I am not speaking from experience here (I am now on my 39th week and I plan to do a normal delivery). The workshop was hosted by Irina Otmakhova of Conscious Birth Manila, Monica Eleazar Manzano of Birthing Beyond, and my good friend, blogger Cat Juan-Ledesma (, who each imparted invaluable knowledge that honestly, banished all my fears and misconceptions about giving birth.

We covered a lot of ground during the intimate workshop–we learned about healthy pregnancy, gentle birth and postpartum care. We tackled the importance of nutrition during pregnancy, as well as exercise through prenatal yoga. But what really caught my interest was the idea of gentle birth and using different methods (like Hypnobirthing and Spinning Babies) to achieve a wholistic birth experience. Overall, it was reassuring to know that this kind of birth was possible, and I can actually welcome my baby in the most peaceful way. Honestly, because of this class all my fears were laid to rest, and I am now looking forward to giving birth.

IMG_6691Monica taught us prenatal yoga exercises that can help ease labor.

IMG_0556Cat explained her reason behind hosting the workshop: to help educate soon-to-be parents about the joys of gentle birthing.

IMG_6692We learned to embrace our inner goddesses, and to trust in our bodies when giving birth.

IMG_6697Irina showed us the proper position the baby should be in to have a smooth delivery.

IMG_6703Irina felt the position of the baby and told me what exercises to do in order for him to be in the right position.

IMG_0529This was one of the exercises Irina taught us. We do this every night to get our baby boy in the right position. For more information about this, look up Spinning Babies.

IMG_0532Another exercise to get baby into position.

IMG_6706Irina taught us some hypnobirthing exercises to help us ease through the process of labor. 

IMG_6694Another exercise we did was decorate candles to place in sacred spaces in our homes. These candles are supposed to bring positivity and light into our pregnancy and even after our babies are born.

IMG_6687These local brands were so generous to give us these goodies! Thank you, Indigo Baby, So True Naturals, Saya Baby Carriers and Souq Organics!!! Oh and our yummy lunch was sponsored by Edgy Veggie!

IMG_6739Thank you, Cat, Irina and Monica!


There will be another Gentle Birthing seminar this August! To find out more about it, email 

(Photos are from and Monica’s camera.)

  1. diane Reply

    I am very scared of giving birth. In fact I could not function very well. I would like to know how you dealt with yours… I never stop worrying and I am always close to crying.
    I like how you dealt with yours. Please help me with mine

    1. kellymisa Reply

      Hello Diane! That was exactly how I felt when I was on my 8th month of pregnancy. I was so scared of giving birth I would think about it constantly and think of the worst possible scenarios. The Sacred Pregnancy & Conscious Birth workshop was exactly what I needed at that time because the moderators: Irina, Cat and Monica helped me concentrate on the beauty of giving birth. Giving birth is something we women are meant to do. Our bodies are made for carrying and delivering babies, as well as feeding the baby when it comes out. All the parts that will make it happen are all there–all we have to do is to trust that our bodies will know what to do. Sadly we forget this and doubt ourselves and our bodies. And we shouldn’t! You will know what to do when the time comes. You just have to stay calm and listen to your body. Dont listen to negative people and find your inner peace, it will help you deliver the baby with joy. I have to say, after giving birth, my body knew what to do. I now realize that all I needed was to trust it. Prayers help, and surrounding yourself with positive people. 🙂 You can do this!!!

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