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Since becoming a mom I’ve come to realize I am no longer in control of my life. Breastfeeding takes up most of my time, as does taking care of Tristan’s other needs, like changing his diapers, giving him a bath and putting him to sleep. And between all that I need to squeeze in my basic needs like eating and drinking, going to the toilet, showering and sleeping (if I’m lucky). Most of the time I don’t even have a minute to myself (answering emails and blogging is a luxury), which is why I am so thankful Carlos helps me out with Tristan whenever he can (which is why I can blog right now).

I have to admit, three weeks into this mommy life and I am amazed at how other moms do it. Being a mom is no joke. It is a 24-hour job with no pay and no breaks. I mean, I cannot even imagine taking care of more than one baby at a time yet there are so many supermoms out there who do it without breaking a sweat. They take care of their kids and family, find the time to work, keep their houses clean and still look good. Sound impossible, right? Well, not really, because I happen know some real-life supermoms, who have proved they can do it all and more. They serve as my inspiration and I can only hope to be like them–of course, they are my friends Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio, Chesca Garcia-Kramer and Marilen Faustino-Montenegro, incredible women who recently got together to create a passion project called 100% Whole Mom.

What exactly is 100% Whole Mom? Well, it’s basically for moms like me, who want to improve on ourselves while giving our families the best that we can give them. It is a series of workshops that is meant to inspire moms to create an beautiful home, embrace her own beauty and nurture her heart. The trio of supermoms will each share their expertise, with Marilen tackling interior design and home improvements, Chesca showing us how to take care of our skin and how to apply makeup, and Rica advising us how to listen to our heart and spirit, while using faith and prayer to keep the family together. I actually cannot wait for these workshops to start, because like all of you moms I want to be a 100% Whole Mom. I know I’ll be able to learn a lot from these ladies, and honestly, this newbie mom really doesn’t mind getting all the help she can get.

100% Whole Mom did a launch recently where Rica, Chesca and Marilen shared what this project is all about. It was a super fun event, with plenty of support and giveaways from like-minded brands. Scroll down to check out the photos (all photographs are from www.ricaperalejo.ph). Congrats Rica, Chesca and Marilen!!! Excited about 100% Whole Mom!

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