Tricks of the Trade: Look fresh everyday, and how to deal with pimples


I think we can all agree: we all want to look our best everyday. That is why we wear makeup or obsess about keeping our skin blemish-free. But once in awhile, we cant help but look tired, especially after a long day of work. Or feel conscious, when we wake up to a big blemish that seems impossible to cover up. On days like these we would much rather curl in bed, alone. But most of the time we need to be out there, facing the world, whether we like it or not. Here are ways to look fresh from day to night, and how to deal with stubborn pimples.

  1. How do you keep your face fresh on a busy day? -Tere A.

While I prefer to go out without any makeup on, most of the time I have to wear makeup—sometimes from early mornings to late nights. Looking fresh is not an option so I had to find ways to prevent makeup from melting. Wearing a foundation base or primer really does the trick for me. It prepares skin for makeup, creating an even surface for makeup to adhere better. It also acts as an invisible layer that protects skin against environmental aggressors, like harmful UV rays and pollution. Some even go as far as nourishing skin with vitamins and minimizing puffiness on the face. There are many kinds of primers to suit your skin type, so be sure to try the product first before buying.

It is easy to add this extra step to your regimen: apply primer on your face after moisturizing and before putting on foundation, concentrating on areas which are prone to oiliness, like the nose, forehead, chin and eyelids. And for the days you decide to out sans makeup, an oil blotter is your best friend. Simply blot on oily areas, or if you have combination to oily skin, dust a little translucent powder on your face to soak up the shine.

  1. How do you ease the pain of having big, red pimples? -Erfah C.

We’ve all been there—you wake up one morning to find a big ugly pimple staring right back at you. If your first impulse is to squeeze the life out of it, you have to stop yourself right there. Popping your pimples can lead to infection and scarring. Not only that, instead of pushing out the pimple, you may end up pushing it in deeper, extending the life of the pimple.

To minimize redness and inflammation, wrap an ice cube with a clean washcloth and place it against your pimple for 10 minutes. This also eases the pain that comes with getting a pimple. The next step is to apply a pimple cream on the affected area. Products with salicylic acid and benzyl peroxide are the most effective for drying out pimples. Make sure you only apply the product on the pimple itself—these products can really dry out your skin, causing it to peel or flake. To cover the blemish, use a rich-pigment concealer (these usually come in pencil or pot form) one shade darker than your foundation to minimize bumps. Avoid any light diffusing concealers as these can highlight your blemish even more.


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