Yakumi at Solaire

Hands down, this has got to be one of the best Japanese restaurants I’ve tried in years. I dined in Yakumi (it means condiment or spice) when I stayed at Solaire Resort and Casino a couple of weeks ago. My family and I had an incredible teppanyaki dinner here, complete with five courses and a bottle of sake. It was truly one of the best meals we’ve had. Really amazing. We had a private room to ourselves, with our own chef to serve us. I’ve been raving about our dining experience to practically everyone I know–that’s why I’ve decided to write a separate post about this restaurant. I have never tasted sashimi so fresh (it was served with freshly grated wasabi, a first-time for me), which was no surprise because most of their ingredients are flown in from the Tsukiji Fish Market in Japan almost daily. This explains why they serve the best seafood, because Yakumi sources the best ingredients!

I couldn’t say this enough: the food was spectacular. Definitely order the sushi, sashimi, fish and crustaceans, as these are specially created by top Japanese chefs for Yakumi. And if you can, ask about their teppanyaki menu–they have great choices for you: lobster, fish, shellfish and Wagyu beef top my list. They also have a sake connoisseur to help you select the perfect bottle of sake–a must to complement your meal.

Apart from the food, the interiors are worth mentioning (and photographing). The restaurant features an expansive open kitchen that allows you to witness how dishes are carefully prepared and blended together using traditional techniques and modern presentations. I went a little crazy photographing the restaurant (I love its lines and symmetry), especially the food that was served to us. It was such a memorable dinner, I recommend Yakumi if you are looking for a place to celebrate an anniversary or birthday.



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