An unforgettable lunch at Red Lantern

There are mundane everyday meals, and then there are amazing, unforgettable multi-course dining experiences. I would find every excuse to have the special one, especially since Carlos and I rarely eat out now (unless the restaurant was baby-friendly). I know how important date night is for every relationship when you start having kids (every couple I know recommends it), which is why I cherish those rare occasions when we actually get to dress up, look human and have nice, pleasant conversations with each other.

Our gorgeous six-course lunch at Red Lantern was definitely one for the books (we had to settle for a lunch date since we had to be home early to put Tristan to sleep lol)–I still can’t forget how much I enjoyed each tasty bite. We were invited to a special lunch here by Solaire Resort and Casino and I was in gastronomic heaven. Red Lantern really is the best place to sate your appetite for Chinese specialties (can’t tell you how much I love Chinese food). Their selection of authentic gourmet delicacies includes Peking duck, suckling pig, and an exciting range of homemade dim sums, which I was able to sample through this delicious lunch prepared for us. Their ingredients are sourced from Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, which is why their flavors are authentically Chinese.

To make our lunch even more special, Red Lantern gave us one of their private rooms. We definitely enjoyed each other’s company in this quiet and elegant room (it is perfect for special dates). The venue is adorned with Chinese-inspired interiors, with Chinese calligraphy inscribed on its glass walls. To complete the ensemble, the rooms are emblazoned with Chinese-style décor, including traditional Chinese paintings, hanging lanterns, and intricately detailed silverware.

Of course, the best thing about this six-course lunch was the food. Each dish was prepared with so much love and care, each bite was better than the last. I am actually getting hungry writing about this because I am remembering all the glorious food that served to us. Warning: do not scroll down if you are hungry haha.  IMG_1335Peking duck roll with chilled lobe goose foie gras with sakura cress. This was the best appetizer. I love peking duck, and this yummy roll was served in the traditional style with the the roasted duck skin and meat wrapped in a steamed pancake along with cucumber sticks, spring onions and sweet hoisin sauce. This went perfectly well with this amazing foie gras! The sakura cress was sweet, and brought out the delicious foie gras flavor.

IMG_1342No need to ask for seconds, the foie gras that was served was huge!

IMG_1356Pumpkin soup with chicken broth and duck tongue. This was an interesting soup, as the flavors of pumpkin and chicken which don’t usually go together, were combined. But it was surprisingly balanced and tasty. I thought the duck tongue was a good topper, though I had to read the menu again because I thought it was mushroom.

IMG_1362Deep fried pork ribs with osmanthus vinegar sauce. This was my favorite out of all the dishes. The pork ribs were crunchy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside. The sides paired perfectly well–it helped balance the deep fried goodness of the pork. Also, amazing sauce.

IMG_1367Cut through that cocoon of pork and you’ll find this tasty and tender meat inside. So good.

IMG_1376Oven baked cod with whipped egg white in spinach. This was a good break from the pork that was served earlier. The cod was so soft and fresh, it just melted in my mouth. The sweet green sauce was light and perfectly matched the fish.


Pan fried beef Wagyu Taiwan style bed on glutinous rice. This was the star of this incredible meal. The Wagyu beef was so soft and tasty, and if you like rice like me, then you will love this pairing. The glutinous rice had a different texture (it was very sticky), but either way, it was a delectable dish.


Chilled osmanthus flower and wolf berries with aloe vera, two kinds of sweet dim sum pastries. Dessert was so good! It was light and refreshing, a great way to end an otherwise savory (and heavy) meal. The aloe vera was sweet and refreshing, while the coffee jelly paired with the crunchy avocado roll brought the right flavors to the table. The avocado roll is actually one of Red Lantern’s best-selling desserts!

IMG_1345Thank you, Red Lantern and Solaire Resort and Casino for a wonderful six-course lunch. Carlos and I enjoyed this so much!


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