Windward House

Yup, the Baby Barangay went on another adventure. This time we stayed at the lovely Windward House in Tali, Batangas! That’s five families  in one awesome house. If you can imagine the chaos, shouting and fun, well, multiply that by five and that was the kind of weekend we had. We all had the best time! The house was like our home away from home (more like the vacation house we all want), and this mommy group including their respective families were such great company.

This happy, supportive group is, of course, made up of Bianca Santiago-Reinoso, Patty Laurel-Filart, Cat Juan-Ledesma, Nicole Hernandez-de los Angeles and myself. These girls have been with me (via our What’s App chat group) from the beginning of my pregnancy, and have been my cheerleaders, listeners and advisers when it comes to mommy life and all things baby. I love that we are all pretty much in the same page in terms of childcare, and we basically share the same values and ideals. But I think the best thing about being a part of this group is that there is absolutely no judgment when it comes to your choices as a parent. No one is there to lecture or judge, we only listen and suggest. This is so important, because really, we try so hard to be the best moms and the last thing we need is another mom to put you down. Well, there is none of that here–this group keeps things positive, and is there for you when your world seems to be ripping at the seams (we all get mommy breakdowns once in awhile).

Now, we all have Nicole to thank for planning this fun trip, and of course, the owner of the house, Pam Begre who made our stay so wonderful. I couldn’t say ‘THANK YOU’ enough. It was such a happy weekend! Windward House is really the best option for young families who want a vacation without having to book a flight. Batangas is so ideal as it is only three-hours away by car, and if you want a change of scenery, Tali Beach is super near (just a two-minute drive from the house). The kids had a blast swimming and playing with each other, while the grown-ups ate, swam, got a tan and made kwentuhan. If you’re looking to do a quick get-away with your family and friends (seriously, you can bring everyone–there is so much room) then Windward House is for you.

For bookings, you can get in touch with Pam at


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  1. Heart Reply

    The Windward House looks really cozy! And the babies are just so cute! I love all your smiles.

    1. kellymisa Reply

      It is! It’s homey and inviting, and the best part: it can fit a group of 15! 🙂

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